I’ve Got 15 Minutes

So…to introduce myself.

1. I’m Catholic.

2. I’m an independent, with serious conservative leanings.

3. Unlike many liberals, I can write intelligently.

4. Unlike many conservatives, I actually know what conservative means.

5. I need a place to rant.

6. Obama is actually worse than Bush for the United States.

7. That statement just about killed me. Holy crap Bush sucked…

8. I swear a lot. #1 biggest venial sin…not sure exactly how I’m going to fix that, but I’m working on it.

Okay…so what is a good 5 second rant I could do? Oh yes, I know.

I have a mother. Who watches the View. I like to refer to the View as “The View…Of the anuses of Cackling Hens”. Of course, this means that while I have no job, I have to stay in the house, and get to hear the hens cackle, including dear old mother hen at home.


But anyways, apparently some seriously hideous old bat (looked like the bad witch off from Howl’s Moving Castle) decided to voice her opinion after she was asked an obviously contrived question, “What do you think about Israel” or some such crap like that. Her reply was freaking hilarious. Basically, European Jews should get their tails out of Israel and back to Europe, only it was said with much more force and rigor, as one would expect from some rich old lady who clearly doesn’t give a shit.

Of course, the Cackling Hens had to pick this apart, which lead to Joy I-like-to-pretend-I’m-the-spokesperson-for-all-freaking-Jews-on-the-planet (aka Menopause gone wrong…that could be all of them though) calling for the sky to fall upon the great blasphemer.

I have 2 points.

1) Even old, nasty, hideous womynz have a right to express their opinion.

2) The old hag sorta had a point. Sorta.

Don’t believe me? Well here, why don’t all of us non-Native Americans just give back all the land back to the Tribes that our ancestors may/may not have taken from the Tribes? All of us white, black, spanish-speaking, french speaking people here in North America (not to mention all of the Asian, Indian, and other immigrants) need to give back the land, because the Great Spirit granted that land to the Tribes- not to us.

But the old hag was only sorta right because unfortunately, all those Jewish people fleeing the Holocaust have largely died off. We are dealing with sending people back to…their country? If you’ve lived in one country for 2 generations…or even one…just where is your country?

However, the biggest point to remember is that everyone has a right to express their opinion. ITS CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Unfortunately, the old hag lost her job because of her “indiscretion”.


Great, now all the crazy conspiracy nutjobs are going to be going “OMG THE JEWZ RULEZ THE WORLDZ AND WEZ ALLZ GOING TO DIEZ!”

cue the anti-semitic nutjobs…


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