I dropped her from my FB

Yeah, I know, its pathetic that I am blogging again after what…3 hours or so?

But whatever, I’m still trying to figure out this blogging thing. I used to have another blog, but it was rather hard to keep up with. Now things have been updated and I have no clue what goes where.

Anywho, for anyone reading this who’s on my FB page in FB world, I am cleaning up facebook. This means dropping “friends” that either

A) Never met in the real world

B) Went to HS with me

C) Turned out to be huge giant spambots instead of friends.

Eventually, I’m shutting down the old one, adding a new one for business and the all important goal of getting me some jobs.

But, yesterday marked an important day. I dropped *Mezra* from my FB. I finally did it. Am I talking about a super secret lesbian love interest? Um no…Church is kinda against same-sex kinky action… Although, that person herself may have been gay. For me of all people. I don’t really care.

But I did it.

I know. I”m 23, and dropping someone from FB is actually eliciting an emotional response from me? How old am I again? But its not dropping people from FB that bothers me (I dropped 30 or so yesterday as well) its dropping Mezra, yet another friend from High School. I had had this idea that friends were supposed to be friends…or at least civil. I don’t know what happened to her, but like many of the other “friends” I had, she found “new friends”, who all drink, smoke (not just cancer sticks either), and seem to talk in monotone voices constantly (probably due to the diversified substances they like to waft into their lungs…).

I just want to say- it hurts, a lot, to have someone you considered an incredibly close friend turn her back on you, ignore you, and finally stab you in the back. Like many women, I wanted to try and blame it on myself. But that passed (Thank you Jesus) and after Mezra admitting that she had acted “kinda like a bitch” I finally realized this dumb bitch just don’t get it.

So I let go, or so I thought.

For months, Mezra’s face kept showing up in my profile. Not that the girl would ever post anything, nope it was just in that insidious little friend box. Her butch cut hair, and obvious “oh look at me, I’m a godless liberal that’s edgy” photo would stare out at me as I perused my page. Maybe one day, she would grow up. Maybe one day, she’d stop being a bitch.

But no. Since I’m going out with her brother (the last nice thing she did was introduce us…and it was her idea that we date anyway) I get plenty of time to see her…back. As in physically. She hides when I come over like a child, glares at me, and even plays the “Ignore” game when we’ve randomly run into each other. She can’t even muster up enough vaginal balls to wave hello.

This is someone who has no idea of the meaning of civility. When I let go, I realized we weren’t friends anymore, but I did figure she could muster it up to act like a woman and not like a girl. But that isn’t Mezra. Mezra’s too busy appearing to be artistic and sophisticated to follow civil rules.

And there she was, polluting my facebook. I tried to tell myself that if I dropped her from FB World, she’d cause drama. She’d tell Mr. Boyfriend something bad (like what?) about me. (She tried telling me horrible things about him that were only half true…) She’d use that horrible darker skinned version of my creepy step grandma to somehow destroy me.

Until yesterday, I believed that. And then, I didn’t believe. If she so obviously wanted me out of her life, then why wouldn’t she just drop me from FB? Probably because she’s a scared little girl, and not at all a confident woman. So what was I waiting for?

And I deleted her. Bye bye Mezra. Can’t say I hope the best for you, and I still don’t know why you’re a skank. I guess it takes one to know one…so that’s probably where my lack of understanding comes in. I just don’t understand skanks. ^_^


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