(real) Catholics don’t support Abortion

Why? Because not only does the Catechism, backed up by Tradition, the Magisterium, The Bible, and everything else the Church stands for goes against that, but because it harms the fetus (Latin for baby, in case you’d like to know), the woman, the doctor doing the abortion, the woman’s partner, and many other people connected with the horrid event. This is one of those things a Catholic can’t, nor should argue with the Church about, unless that Catholic is swiftly becoming…not Catholic.

I have seen what abortion does to women, and it is anything but liberating. It is pure insanity, pure pain, and pure evil. Nothing good comes of it, and nothing good started it.

What a horrible society we have- that women feel their only way out is to abort their child. We are indoctrinated into this form of thinking- that a child equals slavery, drudgery, and nothing good. That no one is going to help us. That men are nothing but pleasure seeking boys who don’t want the burden of an expensive baby. So the best thing for everyone is to kill it. Not him or her, it.

What a horrible society that says “Defective children should be aborted”. Since when was a child, any child, defective?

Someday, I hope that abortion, like other types of killing, is illegal, and we had better see a corresponding effort to provide services to women, along with truthful views about pregnancy, men, and family, so that women don’t feel that abortion is a “need”.

Someday, I hope stories like this one wouldn’t be controversial and attract hate.


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