“That all humans (across the world, regardless of their different cultural practices, religion, race, sex, socioeconomic status etc) tend to deliberately commit acts that go against human rights & find a way to justify their actions by placing the blame on a HIGHER SOURCE.

Its a msg (message) AGAINST ABUSE of any form regardless of who the person is or where they come from. VIOLENCE IS NOT LIMITED TO ANY PARTICULAR GROUP OF PEOPLE.”

This was a message I found through the comments section of YouTube, and every time anyone says anything against Islam (never against Christianity) this sentiment pops up.

First, I will say that I agree. Just about every evil person likes to blame God and avoid putting the blame on themselves. Violence is not limited to any particular group of people- because all groups have done violence and wrong. Its also not fair to blame an entire religion on the actions of a few, or to take a quote out of context and use that to vilify the other religion.

However, I do believe that some religions (not necessarily the people) are evil. I don’t think they’re 100% evil (religions) because evil needs a dash of good to make it attractive. Pure evil tends to make people scared and run away. Evil with a sprinkling of truth? Very delicious and attractive.

The comment I saw posted was posted on the video “Submission” by Van Gogh, which highlighted the violence done to women that is justified by the Quran. All crappy translations of the Bible aside (even the KJV) and just looking at the Bible unabridged, I can’t find a verse where it says that men have the exclusive right to go “plow their fields” whenever and however they want, just as long as the woman isn’t menstruating. The Bible does say something similar, except that rather than saying men have exclusive rights, its that sex shouldn’t happen if its menstrual time. They do kinda lay some shame on it (Leviticus, maybe) but the language isn’t nearly as graphic.(In any case, Christians aren’t required to follow the particulars of the old Jewish law, thank you Jesus.)

Then, you have the Sura (18) that talks about a young guy getting murdered all over the place, because he might become an unbeliever and shame his parents. But its okay, because Allah is going to send another, better son…..

Here we have a religion absolutely full to the brim with “honor killings”, where people, usually women, are murdered because of a male relative’s insecurity, and its considered honorable. Here we have a religion where (female) children are married off at age 9 because Aisha was married off at age 9, and its considered in line with Islam. Every time Islam gets insulted, something gets blown up.

And there are Quranic verses to back it all up.

Generally speaking, if one wants to use the Bible as the “reason” for doing the same sorts of things, one has to jump through all sorts of hoops and do all sorts of mental contortions. Some men try to say that Corinthians gives them the right to rule over their wives, except the verse following the one about men being over their wives is all about how men are to practically worship their wives. Beating doesn’t equal worshipping in any sense but a crazy one. Sequestering a woman for months on end inside of a house, or perhaps her entire life- you seriously need to twist.

I think the difference here is that with the Bible, words must be twisted to get the meaning you want. Verses must be left out in order to abuse someone else or change a doctrine, like that nagging one about eating Christ’s body and drinking his blood (which is probably one of the clearest verses out there, since it gets backed up everywhere else). Whole books have to get dropped off in order to support some whacked out belief. In short, you have to abuse the Bible in order to make it abusive.

It doesn’t seem so with the Quran. There might be a few good verses in there, but there’s a few good verses in the Book of Mormon too. Evil needs a little good to look attractive.The sad thing is, because of an evil, twisted view of faith, people lose all faith entirely as a result.

Here’s the movie. By the way, Van Gogh was murdered before he could finish it.

And when people are coming out of the woodwork are saying things like this:

Pay attention…


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