I’m a *bit* obsessed.

A while ago, a very good friend told me that I was getting obsessed. About the Church. At the time, I vehemently denied it. Nobody wants to be obsessed with anything, because that’s like a disorder right?

Well, call me a nutcase, but I’m obsessed with the Church.

I love the incense, the candles, how absofreakinglutely cool the Creed sounds when chanted- either in Latin, Spanish, Japanese, or English, or even Tagalog.

I love learning the reasons for why we do and don’t believe things, and all the little rules that actually mean quite a lot. I love the priests, nuns, everything Catholic. The lace, the habits, the smells the bells.

Inspite of all that, I’m still not being quite the Catholic I could be. Not even close.

I could go on…but holy shit I think there’s a tornado.

God? Saint Michael! Hi, need help.


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