Politics, Everyone’s Favorite Subject (Catholic Zombie Survival Guide Down Below)

So, I’ve been doing my research since Congressional elections are coming up. You see, research is something that not a lot of Americans tend to do.

Of course, liberals and some “conservatives” like to use that as a reasoning for why votes should be given less power. However, its my personal belief that they’re more afraid of what will happen when the huddled masses get of their asses to blitz-vote their unworthy butts out of office.

Hence why I kind of like the Tea Party. I love how it scares Republicans and Democrats alike. I love how its actually booting people out of office, and best of all, I love the decentralization.


Of course, there’s the nice bit of mudflinging going on. Its insinuated that these people are racist, that they’re all a bunch of old white people, and that they’re basically crazy.

Because of course, never mind that I’m 23 in a few days, in an interracial relationship (unless being Hispanic doesn’t count as a race) and have what I would consider a lucid mind. (Its probably because I don’t like Obama and his gaggle of idiots. Because he’s black. But also white. But maybe Indonesian. Yeah. Exactly. I hate him for that pretty shade of skin color he’s got, and for his nice voice. Stupid black people…*eye roll* If you didn’t catch the sarcasm in all of that, please don’t ever vote again.)

But you never know…I could be harboring racist thoughts and feelings and keeping them secret from Mr. Serrano!!

Here’s the thing- this movement is scaring everyone. Its not acting like a normal political party. Not everyone has the same view, other than to kick some major ass. Its almost…dare I say it…anarchic.

In the article I posted above, the author talks of how there is skepticism of other people in the party, as well as our leaders.


Never never never never trust the “leaders” who have lots of power- they will only be effective for you if you put some breath on them every chance you get. Leaders will ship up if you follow up your ulatimatum with actions.

By the way, guns are cool, feminism has morphed into a menopausal monster, and Obama is soooo socialist its beyond obvious. And I still dislike Bush, although Obama is quickly becoming worse than Bush. I didn’t think it could happen, and then it did.


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