Confirmation: Do It Right This Time…Darnit.

I was Confirmed at the age of 19. It was amazing- I didn’t know even going up if it was the right thing to do, but as soon as that wonderful scent of Chrism oil hit my head and I could see everyone, I realized I was exactly where God and all my ancestors wanted me.

Even so, I am more than a little annoyed by the preparation, or lack of, that I had for Confirmation. We talked about feelings, impressions….feelings…some history of a couple of Saints…and feelings. I kept on asking about if there was a class that was a little more clear on what the Church taught. I knew that I was on the right track but that I needed to learn more, and I was frustrated, although too passive/submissive to be half as adamant as I would be today. I didn’t even know what RCIA was!! I think, perhaps, that class may have been RCIA but…really…it doesn’t deserve the name.

We met with a sister a couple of times, never saw a priest, and I don’t remember it even being suggested that we should go to Confession before Confirmation.

Some of this information I should have found out on my own, and I tried, by reading and asking questions, but unfortunately I had made an unwise choice of a sponsor. She not only had little knowledge of actual Catholicism, she didn’t care. As a result, I was pretty much progressive heretical Catholic.

Luckily, I made my assent to the teachings and rules of the Church, whether or not I understood completely. I trusted (and its proven true!) that in time I would understand. I still don’t understand everything, but I’m learning more and more, and every time God reveals something its amazing.

And now, Mr. Serrano is considering Confirmation. All I can say is that the power of prayer is apparently powerful. He’s cautious- he isn’t very educated, and what has attracted me to Catholicism on some level is the wonderful reading there is. What is attracting Mr. Serrano? Neither of us is very sure. Some of it is because we plan to marry in the Church, and that is a requirement. However, I have made it clear that Mr. Serrano had better not revert just because of marriage to me. He made it clear that to him, it was not a game, and has explained that he knows he should. He hasn’t shared exactly why he knows….but perhaps like me he will understand in time.

I don’t know if I will be his Sponsor yet, but I do hope this can help him connect to the community better, and perhaps it would be better if he found another man to be his Sponsor. It will depend on what he chooses, however, and I trust Mr. Serrano fully. He has made his choice, so I’m going to do all I can to help him out.

However… this means classes. RCIA classes. Which means I’m going to be coming through them, because if I was sick of talking about my fuzzy feelings, Mr. Serrano will probably open a can of hot spicy murder on the fuzzy feelings people. Well…no…not murder, but that sounded cool, right? He knows about the same about Catholicism as I did, and I’m going to make sure he gets as close to a good program as possible. And heck, I’ll join up too, just to learn more. I *still* need to learn more!

And, former RCIA/fuzzy classes teachers….if you ever read this, thank you for trying, but there’s serious room for improvement. Also…grow a pair and talk about some of the more “controversial” things, like homosexuality, abortion, and that retarded topic of women preests. You’re not doing us a favor by allowing heresy to go on ignored.


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