A short update, and a Tidbit

First, the update. Apparently, the ADF ( Alliance Defense Fund) which is an excellent organization dedicated to legally covering the butts of religious people everywhere and our rights to free speech. Personally, I like how they aren’t just devoted to one religious group (although they do seem to be overwhelmingly Christian). While, yes, I really disagree with Protestant beliefs (duh…) people need to work together.

Take it this way, if the Native Americans had stuck together, instead of warring against each other (yeah, that crap about Native Americans in the past being a bunch of hippies was just…crap. Check out the Iroqois history. Total bad-asses…) as well as against the European settlers/usurpers, they would have kicked our sorry butts all the way back into the Atlantic.

So, here is the link to the ADF’s statement about the sorry state of affairs over at Illinois U:

Hi, we’re here to tell you that you’re being sued for being such great “free” thinkers! Have some cake!

Mind you, I got these from the Save Dr. Ken on Facebook, so please continue checking in with them. In the meantime, I shall write letters, pray, and rant.

Seriously, this sounds like it should be a Monty Python skit! Repression! Repression! ^_^

I wanted to add in a youtube vid of that wonderful scene….but only the crap ones are on. Sigh.

Anywho, people need to do what they can. I have a conspiracy theory about this… Its basically simple and the pattern gets repeated every time the feeling is ripe for some good old fashioned fascist dictatorship. When I can write about it without sounding nuts, I’ll post it- it would work, providing the conditions are there.


Why do people seem to see the past so much clearer than the present? I’m 23, which I realize is quite young, yet I’ve matured quite a lot over the last 4 or 5 years. (And no, I’m not interested in how mature you think I am. Its not for you to know, and its not for me to care.) Because of great friends, shitty friends, and interesting experiences, I’m now a lot more confident, self-assured, and definitely have found a purpose.

But its like people don’t *want* to see that.

Where’s the psychology behind that?


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