Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha and Racism

Well, actually Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha has not been canonized all the way the way that Saint Francis Xavier has (another favorite Saint who I’m sure helped me out in Japan, thank you!) but this is still her day, for us Americans. Apparently the Canadians have a different day in April for her. Why the difference of days? I have no clue, and don’t care. ^_^

Kind of like Christmas.

Q) Was Christ really born on the 25th of December? Didn’t that used to be a pagan holiday?

A) Who the heck cares? Pick a day and celebrate the fact that GOD came down to earth that day and was born in a stable/cave/ancient equivalent of an overpass.

Anyway, Blessed Kateri is a great example of the kind of saint you find at Confirmation. Or rather, she finds you, which is what happened to me. Its too long to go into, but there are many similarities between her and I, and I feel that she’s been guiding me my whole life, at least since the fourth grade.

Although, I think if we had met in real life she would have had her patience really really tried with me. Apparently she was quiet, calm, and not given to talking a mile a minute. She was another one of those saints that values silence and tranquility. Good thing she was already in Heaven when she became my patroness!

Its funny, the reactions of people when they hear of my patroness. Catholic or Protestant, Jewish or Atheist or whatever, the reaction generally tends to be,

“Oh, you picked an Indian/Native American/some other term varying in degrees of political correctness”.

And as usual, the thought behind that is that I must have chosen her (rather, I think she chose me) so that I could fill up a lifetime of white-guilt.

Well, sorry, no. I did the whole white guilt thing through grade school, middle school, and high school, even convincing others of *their* white guilt. I took to heart all the crappy propaganda I was fed, and dutifully regurgitated it all. I eventually grew out of it, however, took my blinders off, and read some history books.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter- every group on Earth has done extremely horrible things, and what’s best to do now is to acknowledge what happened (and happens) and just see people for being people.

But if I see a Confederate flag (even one of those ones with the extra star as if it makes a difference) on your bumper, you *will* earn a glare. Don’t give me that crap about it being history for you unless you actually ARE from the South, and even then…

Let’s just say that I grew up with racists, so you can’t go revisionist on me with *that* symbol.

Annnnnd back to the topic:

Anyway, because of my past over politically correct stance (if they knew me from way back when) or because of their own projections, people seem to get the idea I chose her due to her race. Either that or it was a factor.

Not really- I was always interested in the Mohawks and later the Algonquins (her Mom was an Algonquin) which lead me to her. I found it amazing that she became Christian and wanted to become a nun, in a culture that valued neither of those things (the Algonquins were often Christians but the Mohawk were…not friendly….).

Back when I was 10 (not confirmed at that time) and in the throes of political correctness and being open minded, I was intrigued by this Indian woman who could be Christian and Catholic. You know, because Christians and Catholics are different, and all Catholics are white. Unless they’re Mexican. or Italian. But that’s it.

Of course, as I started looking into Church history, I figured out that White people are actually kind of a minority in the Church, what with all the Middle Eastern, African, Spanish Speaking, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, various indigenous, Indian, and other groups I don’t even know of crowding the history.

Its funny, but most Super Liberals are out to fight the big bad Catholic Church when we’re probably the biggest promoters of true multi-culturalism out there. Unlike certain fundamentalist church communities, we don’t segregate our parishes (although individual priests once tried), have never made any doctrine or dogma against marrying someone of a different race (although, again, individuals have tried…but like any other heresy it fails epically).

We were also the first religion in many areas, like Rome and Greeece, to state that, oh yeah, women are people too.

Guess what, pagans were not the women loving, partying rainbow freaks Super Liberals made them out to be. They also promoted boy-rape, too, but you won’t hear any mention of *that* in standard textbooks unless its to blame it all on the Church.

But what’s my point with this meandering rant?

My point is that this judging of me based on my favorite patron saint is inane, unfair, and extremely insulting to me, the memory of my saint, and the Church in general. It also shows ignorance.

Its the same kind of judging I get when people tell me I’m open minded for dating a stereotypical looking Spanish speaking dude.

Why don’t y’all just shut up, and realize that yes, indeed, I can chose who I love and who is my patroness without looking at the race (which, btw is another inane idea) and instead just see them for the cool people they really are?

I love how Mike Wallace inserts that he’s Jewish (shhh that means not really white…whatever happens don’t look white!!!) and Morgan’s response is to ask about Jewish history month. PWN.

I struggle with the problem of talking about race though…I just don’t think that not talking about it will make it go away. However, maybe Morgan’s (and many many others) point might be that the way we talk about race now doesn’t help anything. It turns into a bunch of finger pointing and useless displays of varying degrees of toopidity. I like that he says “I’m Morgan Freeman, you’re Mike Wallace” and that’s enough.

Then again, any time Morgan Freeman says anything I just about want to agree because his voice is so awesome. Its like Antonio Banderas- wonderfully velvety smooth to the point where he could say anything and I’d listen…

Oh shit. Is Morgan Freeman the anti-Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? Hehehee…no silly, that’s Obama and the Easter Bunny. Freaking Easter bunny….


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