A Quick Quip and a Clarifying Clarification

First, The Quick Quip

Dr. Ken, the unfortunate prof who lost his job for…doing his job, or more accurately lost his job to to bigotry and prejudice (oh, wait…Catholics are the bigots, not anyone else!! *sarcasm*) has been getting lots of support. That includes support from the ATHEIST (well, atheist, agnostic, and “free thinkers”)  group on his campus, as well has people from Africa, Costa Rica, other professors in other states, and lots of college students, Catholics, and non-Catholics alike.

Basically anyone supporting the idea of free speech has written a letter or grumped about it on a blog somewhere. ^_^

You go, Dr. Ken.

If you’ve got FB, check out Save Dr. Ken and keep up to date. Keep writing, and spread the word! Stand up for free speech already!

And now A Clarifying Clarification

Looking at my section called Who is the Verbose Young Person Writing Here? I realized I needed to do some clarification. You see, I’ve got ADD, which actually does impair my ability to communicate well. I go off on a tangent…and gee I’m hungry. I don’t know why because I ate a couple hours ago…man I could go for some cold noodle soup right now…

Yeah. ADD.

But, I need to clarify. I am writing this blog to rant, but also to help make sense of myself, and to get back into the swing of writing in English.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the decor around here. The first few days I had this blog I picked themes at random. I had no clue what the heck widgets are. I struggled to figure out how to change my heading so that it didn’t have that annoying generic look to it.

Well, now I am finally getting into the hang of it. I’m big into symbolism, so let me explain: I chose the Koi theme because it reminds me of the Yakuza tattoos. I also put up a wonderful picture of the Madonna and Child Jesus, with Mary painted as a very noble woman. (Also, her long short sleeves indicate marriage. When the Japanese picture her with sleeves that go down to her knees or ankles, they’re not only saying she’s royal, they’re emphasizing the heck out of her perpetual virginity.If you see a Japanese drawing of her with short sleeves though, they’re not trying to de-emphasize her virginity, but they are trying to show that she has really married Joseph and cut the ties to her maternal family. Japanese Catholics get it- she’s a Virgin. The long sleeve are just to really make it pointedly clear, like an understated exclamation point.)

And with that tangent, you can surmise that I know a bit about Japanese culture. That is because I lived there, and may God bless my Japanese family- I miss them every single day. Especially the little ones.

I am fond of saying that I’m three people in one- there’s a child, a young lady, and and old woman that are all me, and all part of my personality. No, I’m not suffering from a disorder here- that is just how I feel about myself. However, I feel that there are three other parts of me.

Brace yourself- what you hear here will be politically correct.

I’m a low class white girl (and not guilty about it). But I am also very drawn to Hispanic, in particular Mexican culture, and that, too is a part of me. Also, Japanese culture is a part of me.

So, just like I’m a child, a lady, and a woman, I’m also White, Hispanic, and Japanese.



Don’t get me wrong- I know that genetically speaking, I’m not anything other than white. Well, there may actually be some Asian in me…but it would have to be from when the Huns sacked Poland (poor Poland).

But I have a good reason for thinking in this way.

I was raised in a poor, working class family who happen to be white. That is where I get my “no bullshit” attitude from, and also where I picked up my salty salty language. Yes, I know, upper-class people swear too. But often, they do it just to be disrespectful, or like little kids being rebellious. I have noticed that lower class people swear to make a point all the more sharper and clearer. They’re also great utilitarians with the language- probably because they’re so busy trying to make ends meet that being direct has its good spots.

I was exposed to Hispanic culture really early, and always felt drawn to it. When I was little, there was of course the exoticism. (And before you go off on a “ah ha, look she’s racist” rant, shut up and listen…) Everybody goes through that phase when meeting someone perceived to be “different”. So when I was little I was entranced by the beauty of the language, the style of the people I met (unlike the people who raised me, *these* people figured out what style actually was), the generally darker hair and skin tone (I’m like a glowing alien I’m so white) and outer stuff like that. But as I got to know one Colombian family really well, I felt more drawn to it because even if a lot of Hispanics are not Catholic religiously speaking, Catholicism has become entwined with the culture itself. And that, ultimately, entranced me.

You see, one of the downsides to being very white is that generally speaking, Catholicism gets left by the wayside. I love the contradiction I find here- Catholicism is full of white people…yet incompatible with white culture. Rather, its more accurate to say that Catholicism is incompatible with White, Protestant culture, which is the dominant culture on my side of the state. I think that is one reason that all but a very few of my family have not ended up staying within the Church.

Japanese culture wasn’t really a part of me until I went to Japan. Whereas I have adopted some aspects from Hispanic culture into my life (I don’t mind machismo if its kept to a reasonable level, but my inner White Bitch will come out and kick ass if necessary) Japanese culture was something entirely alien from me until I got over there.

I will never be the same. In fact, I have really got to quit bowing when I meet people, or bowing on the telephone when talking with someone older/higher than me, or adopting the “good girl” stance (back straight, hands held in my lap, pleasant and interested look on my face, and lots and lots of head bobbing and possibly bowing to show my agreement and cohesiveness…). All that might have been perfectly acceptable in Japan, but it weirds everyone out here.

Oh, and chopsticks are the only acceptable utensils for rice, udon, sushi (I can not tell you how weird it feels to eat sushi with a fork) for just about any Japanese food. Also, eating rice constantly is good for your health no matter what the doctor says. ^_^

So, what I want is for my blog to reflect that. Above all, I want this blog to reflect my Catholicism. Above all other aspects of myself, Catholicism is the most defining. I am a Catholic first, and everything else follows afterwards. I guess that makes me a bigot, no?

So, my writing style is going to be that which is me- the gritty working class no-bullshit attitude, with a dose of college education. My decorations, or accessories are going to be Japanese and Hispanic (leaning heavily towards México, unless I am crushing on Rafael Nadal. God willing, I shall name my son Rafael…well second son. Mr. Serrano will probably want a mini-me wandering around first), and the content itself is going to 110% Catholic.

And ADD.

Anywho, this will be my last post for at least a week and a half as I am going to be very busy. I *may* write tomorrow, but I doubt it.


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