And Your Point Is…?

As I delve more into becoming Catholic (it doesn’t end at Confirmation, lemme tell ya) I find myself less and less ruffled by accounts of the bickering that goes on. I mean, sheesh, we *do* bicker a lot.

Of course, its only Catholics that bicker. Not people in general… ^_^

But anyways, we’re a bit of our own worst enemies- our bickering and flat out warring amongst ourselves is always at a high level.

And also, of course, that is cited as one of the “reasons” we’re the big, giant, and hideous Whore. (Its all that lace and incense…pure ho-bag right there.)

Because some of our priests sin, like in the over-hyped cases of child sexual abuse, or because some of our nuns probably didn’t have the capacity to deal with kids (to put it nicely…but there’s a lot of teachers today that shouldn’t be allowed near people in general, yet they aren’t vilified as a group every time there’s a slow news day.) But because of them, its assumed that all of us Catholics should jump off the Barco already.

Keep in mind that we count Saint Peter as our First Pope. You know, the one who denied Christ no less than three times? Possibly while that dear friend was having the crap beaten out of him? And THAT is our first Pope! Keep in mind that Judas was an apostle, too. Judas Priest is not just a band- its a term for those Priests who stray wayyyyyy the heck off the straight and narrow. If you read the Bible, you realize that a lot of the apostles, especially the biggest ones, had some big hangups.

Look at Paul. Remember him, back when he was Saul? I’m pretty sure he was the guy who was responsible for a lot of good ole fashioned persecution if not a few martyrs.

And as for bickering…HAVE ANY OF YOU READ CORINTHIANS LATELY? Or any part of the New Testament, for that matter?Bitch and moan, bitch and moan, all they do is bitch and moan, to quote Sister Allie.

I mean sheesh, even when Jesus was walking around in plain view they were bickering like crazy. Do any of these arguments sound familiar?

1) Who’s first in Heaven?

2) The Body of Our Lord: Take His words seriously or muddle them into symbolism?

3) Behavior in the Church itself? (What to wear, how loud or if one should talk, to cover or not cover the head)

4) Pagan influences- what gets chucked out?

5) Eating food from the sacrificial altars of other religions (In other words, visiting other churches nowadays, when we should be going to Mass)

I bet you anything that they also argued over music. They may even have attempted a stoning of David Haas, had he been around in that time. Or at least a bonfire. Probably a bonfire. The Romans would have like that. ^_^

So a few weeks ago I was talking with my dear friend, the wonderful lady who will be the MuthaFuckin’ Maid of Awesomeness (I have yet to see if she’ll allow me to call her that) and she told me about the newest heresy popping up. (BTW, she’s Lutheran, so we differ on the word heresy a wee bit). She was rather alarmed (these people are creepy) about the Emergent Church.

From what I gather, its like Mormonism, only more modern and a little less wacky. So far nobody has looked through rocks, translated plaques nobody else ever saw and read a form of Egyptian that never existed in the first place- so far.

My MoFoMoA, or so it seemed to me, was a little taken a back my response. “Oh yeah, its just another heresy.” But these guys are apparently big, and becoming very powerful, and they act very cultish.

Same could be said of Calvinists, or Baptists or non-Christian religions. Like Mormons. ^_^ or Scientologists.

I can honestly say I’m not scared of any of it. Concerned? Of course. Anything that leads people away from Christ is a cause for concern. And I do often get scared that in the future, Catholics are going to really lose the right to simply exist- and then the rest of Christianity will follow. We’ll be hit first because we’re the most visible, the most stubborn, and at least for now, easy to pick on.

But even then, I know we’re going to get through it. 2000 years, and we have survived the Romans, the Greeks, the Huns, the Reformation, the Nazis, the Fascists, Marxists, Shogunate of Japan, the Muslims, and the Communists, and most of all our own sinful selves.

So when people expect me to jump El Barco Grandote Christianote¬† de San Pedro, just because we’ve got sinners, or when people expect me to freak out over the newest heresy…all I can say is….”Your point is?”

Oh, and as a great example of just what we do to ourselves within this Church:

Catholic School tells kids they MUST wear a headscarf to a Mosque, and they MUST visit the Mosque, regardless of Catholic families saying no…

Granted, this is in Britain, where the Church there seriously needs to stand up to the crap Britain likes to pull…but that just proves my point. Take a look through the comments section.

Personally…I wouldn’t allow my kids to go to a Mosque if they didn’t want to, and I would want to come a long because I wouldn’t trust this school further than I could throw it. I can see the value of going to a Mosque to experience what has been learned in the classroom (although if parents don’t want their kids to go, they shouldn’t be forced to) but I see no value in being forced to look more Muslim. As far as wearing a head covering in another church or Mosque? No, Catholics don’t have to do that. Though it isn’t required, we wear that veil due to the REAL (literal, physical) PRESENCE of Christ. His body and blood are not to be found in a Mosque.

Though, being the cheeky woman I am, I’d say fine to the scarf. I’d pick out the absolute most Catholic veil the world has ever seen (think Marian symbology mixed with the Eucharist) and make sure it popped out like an eyesore. Want to force my kids to participate in something that goes against their beliefs? Fine. But its going to be obvious where we’re from.


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