Let the Blogosphere Ring with Joy! I guess…yay?

So, if you look back on my previous posts (I’ll link them now) I had talked ranted about Ken Howell loosing his job. Here’s a re-cap.

-Professor Ken Howell taught a class on Catholicism.

-He wrote an e-mail clarifying a point he had made in class about homosexuality.

-Some little weasel, not even in the damn class, gets offended over the e-mail, and writes a poorly worded snarky letter with poorly veiled threats.

-Professor Ken Howell loses his job.

So, I, other Catholics, and anyone with enoough of a brain to know that this was a blow to free speech for everyone regardless of their religious leanings, wrote lots of angry letters, ranted on blogs, and bored our non-Catholic, super liberal relatives to death with hate speech or whatever they’d like to call it.

So, today, I decided to check out the American Papist, since he’s pretty up to date on things:


And so I did my internet dance of peace, joy, and all things neon colored. It looked like this:


However….I made the mistake of reading the comments, and stumbled upon this blog, The Anchoress, and my internet dancing turned into this:

*\(-__-)/* <—yay?

Basically, Dr. Ken is going to be re-instated. Only he’s not going to be connected with his religious center anymore (good job not caving, Newman Center. What did he do, also not promote women priests?)  And its only for a cheap cheap cheap low pay, especially for a college prof, and he could easily be chucked out. Check out the link to the Anchoress I provided for a more detailed explanation of the possible fallout from this.

However, this is something that I’d count as a victory. Its not a full one, but its something. We’ve let our rights be whittled away little by little, and if learning about the Civil Rights movement has taught me anything is that you have to fight back for your rights, and win, little by little.

So let’s keep the pressure on this school, and others, to do better.

It has got me wondering about my own school. Although my own college is supposedly “Catholic” we consistently have decidedly non-Catholic beliefs shoved down our throats. Although the dynamics on a private campus are different as concerns free-speech ( We could easily stand up for our Catholic rights and say we shall not have a pro-gay union on campus unless its something like Courage) we still have a lot of free speech going on.

Heh..heh… unless you count free speech to include saying anything Catholic.

For one thing, we *do* have a gay activist union on campus- the name just doesn’t include the word gay.

And we have a *very* pro-abortion, anti-life women’s group on campus.

Oh, and our school told us to vote for Obama. Isn’t that nice?

Also told us we couldn’t include a Vote NO/YES sign as part of a display…because it was telling people how to vote. Double think much? We had included a letter from the Bishops with the sign…but hey, I guess we’re just being close minded.

And then, certain groups can’t put up certain posters of the human developmental stage, because its all just offensive “body parts”. Keep in mind that fetal development can be found in any textbook of science, and that there weren’t any photos of what actually happens when babies are aborted.

(By the way, fetus is simply Latin for baby. Substituting baby for fetus as if it actually means something different is like saying “aka-chan” doesn’t mean the same thing as a baby. It does. Get a dictionary.)

And then, I distinctly remember a much loved staff member being mysteriously sacked. We still refer to her as the “one who got black-bagged” like in the movie V for Vendetta. We weren’t allowed to know the details, but some of it still leaked, and had more to do with her Catholic beliefs than many other things. We also weren’t allowed to contact her after she was sacked.

It seems like free speech today has gone the way of being open minded:

You’re only open-minded if  you think like me.

Its only free speech if it isn’t what I consider hate speech.

Hate speech means whatever I want it to.

And this is just at my own school. Its supposedly Catholic, so that means if Catholic thought is put down, its okay, because its just old, outdated ideas being put down.

Meanwhile, the rest of us with brains are sitting, watching, attempting to solve the issue, and completely re-thinking what it means to have free speech.

We’re losing it people- just take a look at Dr. Ken. Take a look through the news, and see what has become of “free speech” and “freedom OF religion” (not freedom from it, which is a nice euphemism for destroying all vestiges of it in society).

Why do you think blogs have become so popular? Because its the internet? Or because this is becoming the last place we can talk without the censors going off?


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