Have you ever read the Book of Mormon?

I highly suggest you do. It will make you laugh, make you cry…

And ultimately make you wonder at the sanity of the man that wrote it. Or, if you’re like me, you don’t need to wonder- Joseph Smith was nuts, crazy, insane…like Hitler, in need of copious amounts of medication and therapy.

(Oh, and while old Joe Smith and his friends didn’t murder upwards of 11 million people, he wasn’t exactly clean either… at least not in this case.)

But meh, every religion has its bad moments, right?

Mormonism is just another heresy, but its one that concerns me personally. A member of my family converted a while ago, and I’ve learned that the image of Mormons as clean cut, perfect, happy-peppy people is just an image.

I’m not referring to that member of my family, by the way. That member has never been peppy, and its alarming to think of it.

One of the first things you’re told by the missionaries is that you need to read the book of Mormon. Of course, the idea is that you will read the Book of Mormon under their guidance, which means that you will be carefully steered away from all the controversial teachings. Curiously they aren’t too keen on reading the Doctrine and Covenants, perhaps because the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price, all have little controversies…

Things like:

White=Delightsome (That should be the title of Nephi)

Blacks Can’t Hold the Priesthood

Oh Wait, Yes They Can!!!

One Man, Many Wives, No Problem (D&C 132)

Oh wait…one man, many wives…no statehood….One Man, One Wife, Statehood for Utah!

Man can become a God

God the Father got sexy with Mary the Virgin

God has many wives…

Blood Atonement (Really, check out what that has to say about inter-racial marriages or apostasy from the LDS…)

And much much more!

As a word of warning, if you bring up any objections to their faith, and if you question everything, you will be filed under:

Under the Influence of the Devil, and of anti-Mormon websites.

It doesn’t matter how much reason you have to doubt that God would change his mind so many times, or that its more than a little suspicious that every time there is a challenge to the Mormon faith a doctrine gets changed….errr revealed…., or that the God out of the BOM has a nasty habit of completely disregarding what He said in the New Testament- you’ll be filed in this category.

Keep in mind, the Trinitarian God is chopped into three different pieces in Mormonism, since the word Trinity doesn’t pop up anywhere in the Bible. Neither does the word Bible, but who really cares about facts like that?

This post is just a beginning post, and later I shall put a clarifying clarification- right now I’m rambling too much, and going way too ADD.

There is a good reason I am posting this.


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