ADD Post Alert!

Hahahaa… everything about this blog is ADD…but here goes.

I’m working on setting up a section that you can click that will take you to my Battles with Mormonism (or idiocy, if you like.)I’m also going to organize this a bit more so that everything is in its own, neat little category.

Mr. Serrano is on his way to getting his baptized Catholic butt confirmed, reconciled, and communioned into the Church. I am half way excited, half way scared, and anyone who reads this, please pray.

WOW talk about “coincidence”. Okay, God, I see that you have a point to make. Just got a call from the Padre, who explained the program to me (it seems pretty legit…it does seem a bit fluffy, as they leave the tougher stuff till the end…but it seems to cover the basics. I’d order it differently, but as long as they get around to all of it, I’m fine.) A plus in Padre’s favor is that he likes the book “Catholicism for Dummies” which I’ve been leaning heavily on. I want to attend classes as well, at least with the Mass part. I really need to learn about the Mass.

Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be Mr. Serrano’s sponsor. (I will, however, be correcting any heresy this little noob can find). But, I kind of like that. He needs to get out and make some friends here, because he’s rather lonely. And the Padre will be choosing the sponsor- this freaks out my trust sensors a bit, but I will trust that he’s a good guy. May God grant him an awesome sponsor.

Well, doomsday is getting nearer. No, not the one where all the fanatics reading Left Behind finally disappear, but the one which involves a certain barely Catholic college.

Ughhhhh books to buy, loans to fulfill, people to argue with. I have ended up despising college- or at least this one. Somehow the profs all think they can be your mommy, tell you what to do with your life, and don’t realize that when they try to ban you from getting a job or taking a class that it is ILLEGAL.

May God grant that I graduate in May, and leave these people behind. Oh, and a job. Need that too. ^_^

Well, I have a lot to clean, and for once nobody but me is in the house. Happiness!


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