What’s The Deal?

So…any attempt at being non-ADD when I write is failing epically. Oh well, might as well enjoy, no?

I’ve been asked, although not lately, about what my deal with Mormonism is. Usually it was asked by Mormons who then concluded that I must be attacking them personally, just because I find their belief system to be more than a little fantastical. And yes, I’m well aware of how absurd my own Church appears in the eyes of others- I used to think that way too.

But what is my deal? Well, for one thing, as I’ve mentioned before- this hits close to home. I have a mother who is Mormon, who once was a fallen away Catholic, who once might have actually been Catholic, but I wouldn’t really know since that was a heckuva long time ago.

She certainly didn’t raise me all that Catholic (that distinction goes to my Catholic grandma- booyah!) so it didn’t surprise me that she’d switch a religion.

At first, I was merely annoyed. I was getting Confirmed at the time, and she decides to jump ship without even examining the ship she had been on? This is all the while giving “reasons” which end up to be a bunch of straw men. But hey, that is the craziness that is my mother. Reason? What’s that? Oh yeah, its that fuzzy feeling. Riiiight….

But, after a second of “Well they’re nice people” thinking, I decided to go research what the heck was up with my mother’s new religion that her boss was converting her into. I figured I’d find something that was mainly Protestant-ish, knowing that the whole polygamy thing had been settled long long ago, and that was likely the only tweak in the religion. You know, Christian and stuff.

Yeah, about that… NO. NOT AT ALL. Of course, the Mormons will say I just looked at anti-Mormon sites. Well here’s the thing- all those anti-Mormon sites have links to the actual Mormon material. But heck, I could just look in that horrible waste of paper called the Book of Mormon, and find all sorts of things.

Don’t. Get. Me. Started. On. NEPHI.That “book” alone is so chock-full of obvious racist crap from the 1800’s it should be a running joke.

In fact, there were many things to make me doubt that Mormonism had a shred of truth in it. I’ll list them here, and as they’re all intellectual, they’re obviously ploys of Satan (imagine him running around in a dress 2 sizes too small):

  • History/ Archeology.
  • Language- Joe Crazy Smith was absolutely NOT a linguist. Reformed Egyptian? How freaking convenient. Or how about them “I can’t believe its not Hebrew” names.
  • Common sense- Anytime a religion uses cute little phrases like “meat before milk” to explain away why they’re not going to discuss something controversial with you (like that 13-14 year old that Joe C Smith married/raped), please RUN.
  • Solid gold plates that nobody but Smith ever saw? He looked through a hat and some rocks to get his revelations? Changed his revelations when he couldn’t find the first copy of the book? Way too much convenience there.

But, this is just another heresy, right? Why go nuts over this one, when there are thousands upon thousands to consider?

Well, not really. Because this is a group that is so absolutely against everything Christian, yet call themselves by the name, and because large numbers of people are unfortunately being duped into it- its a big deal. What’s more, is that in areas where there are large numbers of Mormons, you see more racism (well, duh. Read the BOM…) and less religious tolerance.

I’m not talking the “everyone goes to heaven” sort of tolerance here- I’m talking about church and state getting way too mixed up in eachother’s buisness.

This particular heresy is very insidious. Far from creating a united family, its taken my already not-so-united family and broken us apart. There is a sharp line between my believing mother, acquiescing father, and relativistic brother- and me. There is no room for any debate, no room for any questions or concerns, and no room at all for anything other than “Why can’t you be happy that she is happy” mentality.

Some of this is due to the personality of my mother- she’s never been good at debate, just at telling someone what to think. However, this is something that I noticed became stronger in her with the Mormons. Of the many many Mormons that visited my house, only one actually had the courage to debate anything with me- and actually debate at that. All of the others immediately equated questioning with the devil.

Something I ran across on my journey through the internets, and through many convos with friends mentioned that if a new convert joins the Mormon religion, at first everything is okay, until someone “makes a fuss”. At which point, that someone gets edged out- first by the missionaries, then the home teachers, then finally by the convert his/her self.

Guess what? It happened. I have seen it. Its creepy.

On top of that, I had a bad experience with a priest. I’m not meaning to vindicate priests here (they need some love, seriously) but they’re human too. Unfortunately some of the ones left over from the wispy phantom of Vatican 2 don’t seem to get it.

His reaction to my concerns was that my mother may choose any religion she prefers, since she is an adult, and that I should be happy for her that she has found some faith. Other than that just pray. His reaction to my revealing that my über Catholic grandma was going to be proxy-baptized (because she’s dead…) and put on records as a Mormon was less than ruffled.

He missed the entire point.

1) Yes, I know that it doesn’t do anything to grandma’s soul. Might as well baptize my dog, or my computer.

2) No shit sherlock, my mother is an adult, and can make her own choices.

For one thing, she didn’t just break from the Church and go into something that while isn’t ideal, is at least Christian. She literally jumped ship. No, waitaminute, she jumped clear out of the ship, and has really put her own mortal soul into some seriously choppy waters. WHAT ABOUT THAT ISN’T CONCERNING TO YOU FATHER? Just how am I supposed to be happy about that?

Oh, hai.

Just want to let you know I likes ur mom’s new religimacashun. Makes me happee and giddee…well as happee and giddee as I can be with my arse on fire…

Stop praying, you bitch


The Devil

Perhaps, like many other Catholics, Father merely thought of Mormons as an odd Protestant sect.Hold on a sec:

Oh, hello, devil.

Get off my blog, you cross dressing ho-bag, before I set Saint Michael on you. Shoo.

By the way, fix your make-up.

-Miss Misteriosa

PS lookee lookee what I found:

No fair sez the devil…no fair!!!!! (And Saint Michael pokes him with the holy poking stick)

I realize now part of the encounter with Father was a miscommunication- I simply didn’t have the words to describe what I wanted to do. And like I said before, maybe he just assumed they were another form of Protestant. Mormons: Not another form of Protestant.

What I would like to do is some apologetics. I’ve had it up to here with this particular heresy,  and I noticed there aren’t a lot of apologetics from a Catholic view concerning Mormonism. While Protestant sources can be excellent, sometimes their arguments wouldn’t make sense to a Catholic (language barrier) , or can be a heresy in and of themselves.

I want to run at least a post a month on Mormonism, garnished with what I can find on the internet (Catholic Answers comes to mind) in their own books, and with what I can use my own brain on.

I’d like to get some good, well reasoned apologetics up, to combat this particular heresy. Hopefully, I can follow Saint Dominic’s advice:

It is not by the display of power and pomp, cavalcades of retainers, and richly-housed palfreys, or by gorgeous apparel, that the heretics win proselytes; it is by zealous preaching, by apostolic humility, by austerity, by seeming, it is true, but by seeming holiness. Zeal must be met by zeal, humility by humility, false sanctity by real sanctity, preaching falsehood by preaching truth.



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2 responses to “What’s The Deal?

  1. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and hardly found any specific details on other sites, but then great to be here, seriously, thanks…

    – John

    • You can find nuggets of information in many places on the internet, but the best place to begin is to read the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine of Covenants. Also, pick up some history books (although even those can be iffy. I haven’t read a history book yet that is free of bias) and read them from the point of view of Mormons and those who do not agree with Mormon theology.

      I’ll try to put up some more Mormon themed posts, with direct quotations. This post was mainly about the impressions I have had, and while impressions are interesting they are not a good place to base an argument or belief.

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