A Real Rant

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting lately, because I’ve been getting ready for school. Buying textbooks, agonizing over class schedules, wondering how I’m going to fare when it comes to letting my adviser know that my attitude towards the Education Department at my school is less than happy…it has all gotten me busy. But I shall write on! I shall!

Now, without going into detail about where I go to school, I am going to list why I dread going back. Besides this being a year too long for me, and having senioritis like nobody’s buisness, I have valid points.

  1. Much of the faculty, staff, and administration, not to mention some students, are either dishonest, or complete idiots. Or a combination. I’ve had profs threatening me with things that I should have sued them for, administration trying to charge me for completely unnecessary stuff, and there is ONE office lady that I can trust to actually get my summer credits transferred. Add to that the idiots you meet who are perfectly fine with plagiarism, not to mention those who have stolen no less than 4 bikes (and once it was by the Fake Cops, too. Nice), and you have a recipe for me, hating everyone.
  2. The profs think they’re mommy. Not only do we get marked down for coming in 30 seconds late, there’s also a prof who likes to check if we have our books. I’ve got her again this year. Sonofa… Let me make this clear to anyone reading this site, especially profs: YOU ARE NOT MOMMY AND I AM AN ADULT. If I don’t have my book, it is my freaking problem. Don’t lecture me about it, don’t bitch at me about it, don’t STOP/DISRUPT class just to ask about it, and then blame it on us. You look like a giant douche when you do so, and those of us pursuing a teaching degree know that you just displayed a classic “don’t do that” classroom management scenario. If you are really concerned, talk to us after class, and whatever you do DO NOT say that we shouldn’t have bothered to come to college if we didn’t have the money to pay for the books. Some of us happen to be poor, you uninformed idiot.
  3. If you’re going to charge parking, could you actually…ohhh I don’t know… TAKE CARE OF THE PARKING LOT? Maybe plow it in the winter, or fix the giant crater everyone thinks goes to hell?
  4. As far as handing out tickets goes… Handing out tickets is not some sort of free-for-all where you can just stamp a ticket wherever you please. Make sure people are actually not following the rules, you douchebags.
  5. Speaking of the campus meat-heads who love to pretend that they’re cops: You are not a cop. Also, when you are transporting young ladies at night (since rape is a problem in our area) remind yourself that your job: pays more, allows you to ride your fat-ass in a comfy chair, allows time to STUDY, and all you have to do is transport one person from one spot to another. Stop haggling over whether its really dark yet, and acting like an asshole. As an amendment to that, I’d like to add : YES YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HELP WHEN SOMEONE IS ILL. So if someone is literally so week that they can’t walk the mile or so to their dorm, STFU and drive, even if its during the day.
  6. Freshman. Stop leaving everything dirtier than when you left it. Grow up, and realize you have to actually work. Stop plagiarizing!!!!! And if you must disagree with the prof make sure that you are correct in your assumptions, polite (this can be difficult when the prof is an asshole) and be willing to accept the consequences. Also, can you all just quit screwing eachother for just a week? Please? In public, at least? We can’t unsee the nasty things that you do.
  7. Much as some people would love to believe, no, this isn’t high school. Stop smoking weed, stop caring who’s dating/shagging who, and stop making fun of the “smart kids”. Recognize that you are an adult, smoking weed on a regular basis is just stupid, that you don’t really want to know who’s become a walking STD, and realize that those smart kids are the ones who are not only going to finish college, but actually get a real job. Either that…or just drop out and quit wasting daddy’s money.
  8. Hi. You’re a Catholic college, remember? Oh yeah, you’ve been trying to de-emphasize that lately. Well, here’s the thing. The next time you tour guides decide to call Mass a service, and say that “everyone can take communion here” I’m correcting you. Publicly. Loudly. If you have a problem with it, go talk to your superior and let them know that the actual Catholics on campus are getting annoyed.
  9. This college is Catholic, yet its not. Enough with inviting only “progressive” Catholics to talk on campus. If I hear one more Sister tell me I should be a priest, I’m going on a murder-spree. I shall murder 10 cute squirrels on campus for every time some Chitty-chitty-bang-bang (props to Sister Allie) wannabee starts talking about women priests or other oxymorons.
  10. “Ethnic” Students- Forming your own cliques based on your race or ethnicity, and being overly hostile to those who aren’t part of your group is called racism. Yes, I know, only white people can be racist…blah blah blah. I realize everyone wants to hang out and be with their own sort of culture- that’s fine, and I’m not up for false diversity. But at least keep the racial slurs and stereotypes down, okay? Be Unique…don’t be a douche.
  11. To all underclassmen: when I say I’m busy, I’m busy. I would love to mentor and help you out- why don’t you come when I’m working?? No? Then if I tell you I’m busy, please leave me alone. You try doing 3 ten page essays in a foreign language at once, and see how much patience you have.

And that, my internet friends, are some of my rants due to the college. Oh the things I could tell.


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