El Pañuelito, Parte 2 (Veil, Part 2)

Doomsday draws ever nearer. Oh joy. I can’t wait to see the White, bohemian Tyra-Banks, hereafter referred to as TB, like tuberculosis. Who is this woman?

Yet another Spanish prof who doesn’t know how to teach Spanish. And has a guera accent that would put mine to shame. (guera=gringa/gringo. Not necessarily a racist tern fyi.)

But, I shall not dwell on that waste of tuition any longer, because I feel I must talk about the veil!!

In Spanish, the veil is referred to as pañuelo, but the type I have is a small version. Its 20in by 20in, a light bluish, purple color, and made of silk. I bought it at a yard sale, and was sooooo tempted to buy some of the nicer ones. There were ones from Germany and possibly the Middle East, and the lady selling them had no clue that they weren’t just simple scarves.

Unfortunately, I had three dollars, all of which were Mr. Serrano’s…so I made a mental note to pay him back and shelled out a dollar for the cheaper one. Plus, I figured that if I went full out traditional German or Middle Eastern, it would probably be distracting. To me. Because they were sparkly. So beautifully sparkly. 0.O

(I just made thousands of Grammar Nazis die. Hurrah!)

I ended up not using my nice green scarf as a veil because 1) people have seen me use it as a scarf 2) I want to use something dedicated for prayer 3) it looks too Islamic to me. Middle Eastern I don’t mind, but I’d rather not give the impression that I’m Islamic, pretty though the veils may be.

So, I took my butt and went to Saturday Evening Mass. Anyone who knows anything about Catholic culture knows that evening Mass is an invitation to happy-clappy guitarness. Perhaps that’s why the tone of the people was very subdued. They’ve just gotten this wonderful new priest (who’s older, but not falling over old) that happens to be very orthodox.


I came in a little late, due to my general bad habit of being late and honestly not remembering when Mass started, walked in, genuflected (it would be nice if people would quit skipping that) and plunked my butt down in the back. I was still in front of an old couple, and as I sat down I realized I had forgotten to put on my little veil.

Luckily, those things are insanely easy and quick to put on, so I clipped it in place, and heard a gasp behind me. Maybe it was just a sneeze, or maybe it was because I came in late. I can be hopeful right?

Well, at one point I got laughed and pointed at by a girl of about the same age- on her way out. I keep trying not to think about what she was wearing (don’t wanna be one-upping others) but I can’t get it out of my mind. Mainly because I don’t know why she left the house in that outfit, much less walked into Mass. It was this odd, black, clingy thing from head to toe that left her back almost entirely bare and made her boobs looked painted on. I can understand the confusion about modesty when trying to dress fashionably, but for the life of me this outfit…it baffles me.

Meh, weird outfit. Hope she learns that liquid bodysuits are meant for swimming, but if not…well at least she’s going to Mass. Better to be at Mass than not!

So, other than that, it was a pretty good experience. I did have problems focusing, and I’m wondering if perhaps its because the little veil that I have doesn’t block out my side-vision. That is the thing I really like about veils, that you feel as if you’re in your own private space. Maybe I’ll take a look over at some Catholic stores and see what they offer.

Oh, and after it all happened I decided to go on FB and ask other faithful Catholics what their takes on veiling were. While some of the answers were awesome, along with references to scripture, others were… lacking. It is sufficient to say that I’ve had enough of the inane references to women being “forced” to veil as if it were such a horrible thing. Seriously? It was so horrible to put some cloth on your hair and show an outward sign of submission to God for all of maybe 2 hours or less for Mass?

Oh the horror. Islamic women would agree:

Yeah, we totally think your doily looking thing is oppressive.

But, I guess it also shows submission to men, which is one of the Seven Deadly Whatsits of the feminazis.

Seven Deadly Whatsits

  1. Be Actually Pro-Life.
  2. Use NFP exclusively. For religious reasons. And have it work.
  3. Be a (faithful) Catholic *publicly*
  4. Admit there is a difference between men and women.
  5. Refuse the odd idea of same-sex “marriage”
  6. Refuse to think as you are told
  7. Submit to God, and then to your husband.

So, I’m going to continue with this veil thing. I think God is really calling me to it, and I hope that when I have daughters of my own I can pass this on to them.

One thing did get answered for me by the FB group, however. I was concerned that maybe I was a distraction to others during the Mass. I learned that for one thing, I’m always a bit of a distraction anyways, at least if I continue to go to Masses in Spanish, where it seems everyone’s Mexican (even the Guatemalans). For another, there is such a thing as being a “good” distraction. Whatever my failings, the veil symbolizes obedience and submission to God, and perhaps some people will contemplate that. Maybe they’ll be puzzled, but eventually will learn the truth.

Think of it like when you see someone pray before a meal- even if its as simple as a small Sign of the Cross. Am I the only one who starts wondering why we have all stopped doing that?

And please, don’t go off on a sanctimonious tirade in the comments section about howwe’re supposed to “pray in secret”. Don’t take that too literally, otherwise we should avoid Mass, which is the most public prayer (and giant middle finger to his toopidness the devil) and is said every single day. In public.

Haha…oh how dry is the sarcasm, oh how dry.


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