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I’ve taken a break from dealing with a semi-heretical troll over on FB. After trying to get this person to state her opinion honestly, instead of hiding behind partial truths and implied insults (although she is getting bolder) my grandpa’s words came to me: “Let the idiots talk themselves out.” Yes, I do sometimes engage in a little of internet warfare, but when up against someone who has preconceived ideas erected like a fortress, and who obviously has a lot of time on her hands (what, no job?) I figure I’ve got better things to do. If you’ve got FB, head over to Catholics Global to see what I mean. You’ll know exactly who she is in a matter of minutes.

Anyway, here’s a neat little article I found: Gay Parents And Catholic Schools

And before I start picking this article apart, I’d like to remind people of the Catholic Church’s stance on things, which is also my stance.

The ACT is EVIL but the PEOPLE aren’t EVIL. Just becuause the act itself is intrinsically disordered (take off your modern-day blinders for this one), and intrinsically disordered means that the homosexual sex act is not, nor ever will be ordered to the goods of a fruitful marriage (procreation as well as unification), does not mean that people with homosexual attractions are evil.

That is where we differ once again from some forms of Protestantism. A person’s sexual appetite does not, and should not define them as a person.

I’ve had a couple of friends with same sex attraction over the years (some are gay activists) and one in particular has gotten very annoyed that when she “came out of the closet” suddenly the only thing that seemed to matter with everyone was her sexuality. From some of the things she said, I think she may have been feeling like her sexuality was eating up her individuality- she couldn’t just be who she was anymore.

Ironically, the people most vicious to her (that I knew, anyway) were the people who immediately accused her of “going back into the closet” simply because she didn’t think it was anyone’s business what her sexuality was.

I agree. Its more than a little sick how society has come to view people as sexual animals- defined solely or nearly exclusively by the people we allow or don’t allow in our beds. Being “gay” gets you into a club, or a cult if you will. Being “bi” gets you hated by both communities, but most especially by those who identify with “gay” who largely see “bi” people as a bunch of traitors who are only half out of the closet. Being “hetero” gets you in the mainstream, but also means that you can’t possibly intuit how a gay person feels.

Anyone who follows a traditional teaching, especially of a Christian sect, gets labeled “homo-phobic”. In this warped image of the world, the Catholic Church is seen as on par with the Westboro Baptist Cult.

And that is the problem we come to with Gay Parents And Catholic Schools.

Once again, a gay couple has been denied in allowing their child to attend a Catholic school.

Once again, let the Catholic Bashing begin.

The article points out that the Lesbian parents weren’t all that honest when they filled out the paperwork in the first place- it seems that they may have obscured some details by not adding in a last name for the “father” spot on the card. Instead there was just a first name and an initial.

Hm. That’s not sneaky at all. Nor is it snarky.

And, as often happens in these cases, the proper authorities in the Church aren’t coming out and supporting this all that well.

Ironically, while this transpired, Cardinal O’Malley was in Fatima, Portugal, with Pope Benedict XVI, who condemned same-sex “marriage” as a “dangerous and insidious” challenge to society. Yet no such counter-cultural message echoed from the Archdiocese of Boston; and to those acclimatized by moral relativism, the priest’s decision was simply unintelligible.

This is deeply troubling. Much as I love the bishops, they have really got to wake up. There’s a reason hardly anyone is coming to Mass anymore! Just as this astute article here points out, people are not interested in going to church to be bombarded with relativism via glitzy and campy media. They’re interested in the Truth, not a marketing campaign. (And hopefully those young people filing out of the megachurches will find themselves studying history and returning home to Rome.)

One commentator on the article wrote that it would seem to be a form of hypocrisy if the Church run school had not barred parents with divorced and re-married parents  from letting their kids attend.

This could be true (and shows we need to make sure we’re going against all forms of wrongness), except that the reasons for barring the student went beyond sin. If all the parents had to be stellar Catholics, what about all those non-Catholic kids going to Catholic schools?

The reasons were pretty well grounded in Catholic belief and reason. For one thing, why would one want to send a child to a school that will teach that mommy and mommy are sinning deeply by living together as if they were married? The priest didn’t want to subject the kid to that- which is really understandable. Catholic schools (the good ones anyway) don’t shy away fro heaven and hell, immorality or morality. That kid is going to be so confused and even though it could be a great evangelizing moment, I agree that its not in the best interest of the kid to foist that on him/her so young.

For another, this is sending a message that the partnership between the Lesbian couple is accepted- one listed herself as the mother, the other listed as the father. Even in a case where parents have completely denied teachings about marriage, and have re-married, there is still a father, and a mother- there is no step- anyone. Plus, in the case of re-marriage, annulments are still granted- there is still a way to be normalized.

“These beliefs are central to a Catholic understanding of human nature, family and happiness, and the organization of society. The Church cannot change these teachings because, in the faith of Catholics, they are the teachings of Jesus Christ,” Archbishop Chaput continued. “Our schools are meant to be ‘partners in faith‘ with parents. If parents don’t respect the beliefs of the Church, or live in a manner that openly rejects those beliefs, then partnering with those parents becomes very difficult, if not impossible.”

Here’s a little caveat. What the Archbishop is getting at here is the sin of scandal. Scandal is caused when people are in-your-face about their sinning. For instance, if a couple were divorced and re-married, and loudly proclaimed that fact to everyone they knew, they’d be committing the sin of scandal, which may (or may not) be separate from their previous actions.

How exactly are those parents going to take it when their kid comes home from a Healthy Sexuality class, and starts talking about order and disorder? How is that kid and those of his/her class going to come up with anything other than confusion?

However, I don’t think those parents were concerned with that at all. I don’t think they even care about using their child, as the article puts it, as a “pawn”. Their child is being used as an excuse to attack the rights of Catholic Schools to be Catholic.

This is a tactic often used by gay activists. Go somewhere you know your lifestyle isn’t accepted, and see if you can get yourself banned. And to hell with anyone else, including children.

Anyone who knows anything about the history of Civil Rights (which gay activists have sadly hi-jacked) knows that it wasn’t done overnight. It was done little by little. However, where that was concerned the people were actually right and just, and they didn’t use tactics half as sneaky and dishonest as gay activists. Unlike gay activists, they spoke the truth.

Its also an attack on academic freedom and of free speech. The kid did get placed into another Catholic school, but how long do you think it will be until there’s a huffy pull out of that kid after he/she has one solid class on the actual meaning of marriage? Because, of course, it will be full of homophobic crap, aimed at telling the entire “family” (innocent child as well, gotta add him or her into it) that they’re going to Hell.

Such insensitivity. Such phobia. Such bigotry.


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