11 Quick Takes on a Saturday

I got this idea from over at Conversion Diary, only I’m modifying it and probably won’t do this every Saturday. But then, perhaps I might. Following the rant part of my blog, they shall be quick rants.

1) Anyone who has a problem with Mother Teresa, especially if they’re like Christopher Hitchens (currently suffering from cancer, so pray for him) has a serious problem with their head.

2) Anyone saying that La Virgen de Guadalupe is a Christinized Aztec goddess needs to pull their head out of the ground. However, acknowledging that cultural elements have been mixed is very accurate. She was kind of blatant about that part, Our Lady.

3) How can someone who *successfully* home-schooled her kids not know how to write properly, and to use punctuation?

4) If you have kids that are grown, and are currently on facebook, proof read your words for: grammatical errors, ALL CAPS, and stupidity. Stop observing the obvious, and make sure you aren’t spamming people with OMG FACEBOOK WILL ENND IF WE DON’T PUT THIS INN OUR STATUSSES!

5) If you are a teenager, writing “fml” after every sentence is just redundant. Also, mIxInG uR CApS iS sTUpiD. Also also, keep the fb pda’s down to once or twice a week, or I will find you and make sure you cannot possibly reproduce. Also also also, use punctuation and grammar in a manner that is understandable.

6) Once again, professors need to be reminded that the college students pay their salaries. I should not EVER have to ask permission to use the bathroom, and I should be trusted if there is a funeral which I have attended, and furthermore, its none of your damn business if I don’t have a book. STFU and teach, and I’ll STFU and learn, K?

7) Self-plagiarizing is just another term used by profs who apparently have control issues. I wrote the essay, its my intellectual property, and if I want to use excerpts later in a different class, without just turning in the same exact paper, I should be allowed to do that.

8) My Mormon mom has the idea that all the nuns/sisters (not that she knows the difference) in pre-vatican 2 had to take male names (you know, because oppression is fun!) and got angry when my response was to laugh. Mmmmk Mom. I guess you didn’t know it depended on what order, either that or there was a serious gender confusion going on with all those Sister Mary Whatserface’s out there.

9) Some lady at Meijers dented the heck out of my back door on the van. HI, PEOPLE OF STUPID-VILLE: stop at the stop signs, especially if people are ALREADY stopped in front of you.

10) My college doesn’t require that you’ve graduated HS to get in- all you need is a decent ACT and a bare 15 credits. This tells me 3 things.

  1. I could have ended my hell in high school a lot earlier, which would have been amazing and probably very good for my emotional health.
  2. My college sucks much much worse than I thought.
  3. I still can’t transfer out…and I have no time machine handy.

11) I’m a horrible person, because I’m blogging during class. Oh well the joys of ADD. We’re going over grammar stuff right now, and how confusing it gets with English language learners. I really like the prof’s shirt….pretty colors. Damn its cold here.


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