Weddings: Unfortunately There’s Money

No, not unfortunately I have money to spend. That is something I most certainly don’t have, and the economy does not look like its getting better. At least I’ve got practice being poor, unlike some of the poor shell shocked people I meet who have spent way too much on a house they can’t afford.

Take it this way- what people used to earn in the factories before the economic crap-cession was not so bad. Seriously, nearly 20 dollars an hour? Benefits? Health Insurance for the family? For factory work? SIGN ME UP! Crap job, but it would be nice to not have to worry so much about bills.

I’m terrified that I’m going to be one of those highly skilled, really intelligent workers who doesn’t get hired because finding a job these days is like pulling out my fingernails. No boss wants to take any sort of risk (hey, smart one, you do realize that means your company is going to tank at some point, because you won’t even hire a much needed interpreter…right?) so its a scary environment out there.

And on top of all that, I’m planning a wedding? Have I told my family yet? NO. They’ll be told a year before the wedding, after I’m fully graduated from college. Not to sound like a teenager here, but they really don’t think I’m capable of doing anything. (Seriously, apparently I don’t even know when and when not to take aspirin, or how to mop a floor, or do anything that anyone with the physical ability and absence of a mental handicap would do…) . Because I’m fairly sure that they already don’t respect me, its safe to assume they won’t respect my decision. True emotional support is not something I’m accustomed to receiving in this family.

The great thing about this is that I can clear some stressful events away before I get to one more stressful event.

Wow, that was a tangent, right there. Anyway, weddings are a heckuva lot more than just this:

1) How to do this internationally, aka get married in a foreign country to a foreigner.

2) How to do this with all the Church stuff involved (luckily Mr. Serrano is going to be going through RCIA or whatever it is in Spanish- yay!)

3) Squee-ing all over the place.

I’ve been focusing on the first three things, because for one thing, laws are much nicer and abstract for me to deal with, the Church is just a matter of time, and squee moments are awesome.

But, there’s money.


So I found this interesting blog where this guy is talking about his marriage and how he got it done as compared to the psychotically over-priced wedding for Chelsea Clinton. Although, if you actually have that money…why not? Its your money, waste or spend it at will. Just don’t come crying to me if you spent yourself right back into poverty.

There are some things I would do differently. This is my idea of what I’d like to spend:

Dress: 300 or lower. There are some gorgeous dresses at that price, and alterations aren’t a bad idea.

Tux: I have no idea what that is supposed to cost…should look into that.

Wedding Bands: No more than 1000 for both the engagement and wedding ring combined, and Mr. Serrano’s is probably going to end up being about 200, maybe more, simply because he likes the simpler style. Also, since we both tend to do a lot with our hands, we’d rather not have rings that get caught on everything.

Photographer: Not sure how photographers work in the other country, but unless somebody demonstrates to me that they actually know how to use a camera well, I would like a professional photographer. Sorry, but I’ve seen enough crappy photos of that one skank who always comes to the wedding for the free booze. $200

We’ll probably spend about 200-250 on flowers, depending, but most of the flowers are going to go for the church, so maybe that will be included in the church fee, which is going to be separate from the facility fee. I’m guessing the church will be paid somewhere around 300-400 dollars….100 for flowers, 200 for the use of the church and for charity so that they can keep going…maybe an extra 100 for more charity if I end up rich by then.. lol yeah.

Who the heck spends 125 on a cake? or 200 on stationary? The great things is we have some tías who may be willing to bake a cake (there are some champion bakers in his area). So 1) I and some friends can make some awesome stationary at about 50 dollars or less and 2) There may be people willing to do the cake just for shits and giggles.

As far as wedding planners go…there really aren’t any in the old country, and if there are, they are usually volunteers (you still pay something, however, because its a lot of work.)

While I like the idea of a live group at our wedding, Mr. Serrano and I are re-thinking that, since it will be about 2,000 dollars. Even in his country, it won’t be cheap. I wonder if we could do a combo- hire a group for a couple of hours and then have a DJ. I figure that way we can honor both our cultures, save some money, and still have a great reception.

My three big worries are:

1) Transporation

2) Booze

3) Food

I’m going to have to fly to the old country at least twice. UGH, I hate airplanes. So that could be anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 dollars.

And food and booze are going to be weird. People bring booze to the bridal shower to help out, and I guess the best man or the madrino pays for the booze to help out, while the madrina pays for the food.

Mr. Serrano is already planning on buying a cow or three so that we can butcher them later.(hehehee I can hear the SPCA screaming from here…)

Yeah, hor’d’voures or however that’s spelled are not on the menu. Its going to be very “earthy” just the way we like it.

But that means my total comes out to…(without food and booze added in) 8400 if I do an all night long group and my tickets end up being awfully expensive. One idea we’ve had is for me to take a bus down there, get into the country, and fly from there.

My MoFoA will have to come with me for the final trip down, since I’m sure the cholotards will be more scared of her and her penetrating stare of doom than of me…although if they even try to touch the dress I shall murder them. Instantly.

Double that if they go for my v-card. Or even think about going for my v-card.

If airline prices are better, and if we get a dj, I think we could get it down to 6,500 or perhaps 7,000, so long as our madrinos cover our food. (Update: Turns out that tickets, even in December, are about $200 one way, and the most expensive ones were 400 one way! The most expensive one for a round trip, which I left a month for, totals at 1,002. Oh yeah, flights to Taco-Land are cheap. Pray they keep low for the next couple of years!)




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  1. Hey, thanks for the link and best wishes on your wedding.

    All the best,

    Len Penzo dot Com

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