Wedding Randomness!

Most of the time when I think about weddings, much of the time like my ever realistic unofficial fiance (can’t call him official until we’ve announced it) I get bogged down in the money, money, money aspect. Its enough to drive people crazy.

So, I have 10 minutes, and I shall go nuts on wedding dresses. Unless you’re being forced into marriage or something horrible like that you (and I mean women, not men with transgender tendencies) are going to go gaga for a dress. So here are some of the ideas I’m getting (and I think I can find them for cheaper!:

Ditch the pink, I want blue!

I love this one, although the woman screams: Hello Husband #5

Not so hot on the dress...but the veil I like.

I LOVE this veil.

And that is all I have time for, since I’m on a public college owned and run computer. You know, like homeless people have better computers kind of computer.

Anywho, hope y’all enjoyed.

By the way- I WILL wear the most Catholic looking veil I can find. I will consider it extra credit if I can find one that honors Mr. Serrano’s traditions as well…

Oh, and turns out the wedding probably won’t be in Acapulco. I’m kind of glad about this since it means the price can go down, and because I won’t have to go to Nuestra Senora (there’s a tilde, but this computer doesn’t do tildes) de Soledad. SOLEDAD. On my wedding day. Um…no. Sorry my Lady, but I will have to choose a church with a decidely happier name- but don’t worry I’m hoping to get married on December 8th of 2012!


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  1. I need to know just what Grady can do with this :D


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