Mocking is bad?

The other day I was heading somewhere, from somewhere else (muahahaha I love doing that to people) and ran into someone Catholic. Not that hard to do on a barely Catholic campus, but I managed!

Anywho, somehow the topic came down to Mormons, and she asked me what I found so funny. (By the way, I find it tragically funny. Think anything written by Kurt Vonnegut) so I explained that man, I thought the scapular was a little odd for choice of things to wear, but the super secret sacred underwear of the Mormons blew that one out of the water.

Her response? Well, for one thing, she didn’t think it was funny, or true. Funny is subjective, but super secret magic underwear is real. The magic part maybe not so much, but everything else- definitely.

And here, my friends, is one of the reasons I nearly stayed away from the Church. Catholics, at least the North American ones of a lighter complexion, have become just as lemon-mouthed as the Puritan culture in which we live in. We don’t dance, or if we do, we do it horribly (is it a sin to dance well or something?). We don’t laugh at anything for fear of offending everyone and anyone, including ourselves.

Whether amongst strict Catholics who know their business, or a group of barely Catholic probably crazy women priest supporters, one thing remains common among the Catholics I have known- in the name of Charity, don’t laugh or mock others!!!

Which rather sucks, because Saint Thomas More went all the way to his death cracking jokes. There are quite a few Saints who had a wonderful, happy outlook on life, and I bet you anything a few of them probably could laugh at themselves as well as others.

Believe it or not, humans in general are hilarious. And Catholics are no exception. Moreover, we *do* have to take care that we don’t mock others with the intention to harm someone, and that its not an attack. Super secret sacred magic underwear is an object- albeit considered holy by Mormons. So yes, laugh. However, laughing at the idea of a bunch of Mormons (or whatever religious group) dying, or distorting the truth about what they believe does more damage to the joker than anything.

And yes, including the word “magic” with the underwear is not a distortion of truth, because the stories about the underwear saving people are nothing short of stories of magic. One could make the claim that Catholics, then, believe that magic miraculous medals save people’s lives- since we have similar sorts of stories. However, there is a huge difference- for the Catholics, it is almost always the idea that the person has been physically saved mainly through faith- through the faith of themselves, if not a faithful grandma or whoever gave them the medal. Also, I’ve never once heard of horror stories concerning what happens should one take off the medal (or heck, even scapular) for even a moment.

However, all that being said, I think that things need to be laughed at, especially things which are demonstrably not true. Take it seriously, but don’t forget to laugh. There is nothing the devil hates so much as being laughed at (seriously, try it sometime, drives him nuts) and when we laugh at the failings of other religions, or our own failings, it lightens the mood and helps us focus. Laughter can help people to really think things through.

So, for fun, let’s laugh at Catholic things.

10 things Catholics are convinced will solve everything (barring prayer)

1) Flames- works for heretics, pyros, and little old church ladies alike.

2) More babies- who says we don’t like sex?

3) Holy Water solves everything. T-shirt stains, sin stains, your beast of a mother in law, and the Devil.

4) Lace.Lots and lots of lace.

5) Beer. Wine. Booze- in the Bible, it even says if someone is sad, give them some wine. Hurrah!

6) The Missal. Not only do you know what’s going on, you can whip it at miscreants during Mass.

7) Latin- nothing sets the Jehovah’s Witnesses running like a good, old fashioned Latin exorcism. Why else were they made?

8) Rosary- part prayer, part lasso.

9) Nuns in habit, armed with stereotypical rulers- if we had sent THEM to Iraq, we’d never have to fight another war.

10) The Pope. When in doubt, you can invoke him. He pops up with his little pope-mobile, his cool whacking stick, and let’s not forget his hat! With a wave of his wrinkled hands, ANYTHING can happen.

Hmm…seems I suck at being funny. oh well, Nyquil does that to you.



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