Virginity, Sex, and Mr. Serrano (Part 2)

So, last night I had another talk with Mr. Serrano.

You know, I think God sends these little crises my way when I really need them, and when Mr. Serrano needs them as well.

Long story short, after sharing with him my realizations, and the reasoning why, I told him that,

“There is not an icicle’s chance in hell that I will have sex before marriage.”

His response? That whenever we have sex, he wants it to be because I’m jumping into it head first, so that I enjoy it just as much as he does, and if he has to wait until the wedding, he will wait.


Erherm. So, to all you virgins out there waiting for marriage (or contemplating it) and for all you “born-again” virgins out there, and for all you girls and guys who think that you HAVE to give up sex to have love-


I think God made me to just contradict everyone. I was never supposed to be born (condoms, birth control, and a 2% chance of ever conceiving didn’t stop me from coming into the world) as an emotionally abused kid I should never have survived bullying, and as a poor kid I should never have made it to college and all the way to Japan. I was clearly told by teachers (and later on college professors) that people like me didn’t/shouldn’t be able to do the things that I do.

And as a virgin, I should have been rejected as soon as it came to light that I don’t plan on giving it up just to make some dude horny.

How awesome is that? So, if you’re out there on the internets and you find this blog, consider taking a big step up and respecting yourself- don’t have sex with someone until you’re married. Work towards giving that part of yourself away to someone who will respect you and cherish you for your entire life, because if they can’t respect you now they never will.

Read that again: If your boyfriend or girlfriend does not respect you now, if they don’t love you and cherish you and think you’re God’s gift to them, they will NEVER respect you.

Because guess what- the one that will love you even when they disagree with you is the one you should be with- not the one telling you that it’s “them or the baby” or “sex or nothing” or anything like that. *Those* are the kinds of girlfriends and boyfriends who have a very special place for them in your life.

I call it the “curb” and you should kick them to it if they can’t get on board. There’s more than 6 billion people on the planet, so have fun fishing.

Oh, and for those who may assume either I or Mr. Serrano are “ugly” (what a materialistic way to look at things) I’ll have you know that I’m pretty, though not gorgeous, whereas Mr. Serrano is HAWT. He has muscles, a wonderful tan (well duh…he’s Mexican) and will probably look very young for his age no matter how old he gets. He also has the most beautiful dark eyes you’ve ever seen.

So ha!

Did I mention that he could qualify for a cowboy? (To my very few gay readers…he’s *mine* no touchy.)





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