And Now For Something Completely Catholic


No, not those reparations from the whack-jobs down the street who want to blame all white people for slavery (my family on both sides apparently arrived on American soil too poor and too late to own slaves…even then it would have been doubtful they would have, due to their religious backgrounds) but the kind of reparations one makes for other people’s sins.

For example, my patron saint, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, did a lot of mortifications on the behalf of her people. Its not really encouraged to take reparations to the level of 16th century mortifications, but I think that I could do less severe, yet still good things with this idea.

But what the heck are reparations? Put concisely, its offering up our sufferings with the suffering of Christ so that we made be made better, and so that others may be made better.

With this disease of abortion, euthanasia, and in general less valuing of humanity spreading across the world and poisoning us all, I’ve wondered what I can do to stop it. By myself, I can do nothing, but with God’s help who know what could happen? So why not offer my suffering up for myself and others, and the sins we always commit?

Why not kneel on the sidewalk, when the young man is blasting his music as if that will drown out our prayers? Why not take the pain (and it is painful) and offer it up for what the women are doing to themselves, and their babies? Why not do it for the lies told by the doctors and nurses, both to themselves and to society in general? Why not do it for the young man, who must really not understand what it is that he’s doing?

Why not offer up a Glory Be for every glare, middle finger (you can always tell which ones are angrier, due to popping muscles), and scream or unfriendly honk that is seen? That one could work just as well for them as me, because MAN do I have a potty mouth when I drive…or just get annoyed.

And finally…why not offer up the pain and discomfort of pregnancy and giving birth for all the women who choose to end it all? I’m thinking of things I can do in the future, and I think this could be one of them. Its not a lot, but the only thing that matters is that God is pleased.

And heck, why not offer up reparations for people that are just willfully ignorant and prejudiced, and need to use the spell-check more often?



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