A New Look!

The greatest irony is having someone who would be perfectly happy living a near-Amish existence writing a blog. After attempting backgrounds with the cool pics I have of Tokyo, figuring out that I’d either have to fade the pics or get better font…I chose better font and signed up for that stupid TypeKit thing.

So, I thought it would be user friendly…but no. No, no change at all with my font. So eventually I got my head wrapped around the header thing, only ran into that whole “cropping” thing… switched my options from light to dark ohh ’bout twunny-three times it musta been… and after much cursing got the new look up.

I’m still working on it, but at least its legible. I took down the Saint’s photos but never fear! I’ll be putting up some new ones, including some new Saints.

So why the change? Well I’m AdHd for one thing, and having the same looking blog for a few months is bothering me. Then, Sister Allie got a new one and I was like… OOOO HOW STREAMLINED! And so I decided then and there to look more professional, though I’m obviously not a pro-blogger. You see, I have this thing they call a life…I joke I joke!

Seriously…I’m in college. No money, limited freedom, no life. *sigh*

Also, I was a bit sick of the near Ed-Hardy theme. I like yakuza tats, but it was looking like a teenager wrote here. Yuck. (Sorry, teenaged friends, but sometimes your blogs are kind of lame.) And the Saints pictures were decidedly unpolished.

But mostly, its because I’m ADD.

So, I’m keeping the same elements- fully Catholic, Japanese flair, and of course ranty, but just putting it all through a different filter.

Let’s hope this works out!

…should I switch back to light? hmmm……



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4 responses to “A New Look!

  1. I like this new look, m’dear. I think I am going to darken things a bit on ATC. This site is a lot better than Blogger. God only knows why **Castro** worships it. Probably because it’s owned by Google.

    Corporate peon.

    • Ugh… Blogger is so…freaking…2005. I can’t stand how difficult it is to mess with things over there. Its antique, its dying, and it runs like Windows 95. And Castro *would* like it, because Google is great.

  2. I believe your opinions are quite fascinating, I appreciate reading what you write. Hope to hear more from you. Subscribed.

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