The Power of Images

Right now there is a huge ongoing debate within the pro-life community concerning (warning)  “Graphic Images”. These images, which definitely qualify as graphic, usually show exactly what an abortion is. They show it in all of the blood, gore, and heartbreak that is abortion.

Basically, there are two camps, and as usual, I’m in neither of these camps. I will say I find it highly ridiculous, however, that “graphic” is only really applied to abortion in these times, but maybe that’s because showing the violence of Darfur has become too easy for us to ignore on this side of the television.

Camp 1: Graphic Images are tasteless, and induce guilt into the people who have had abortions. They’re often gory, and show things that no child should ever see, which would be likely if these are set up publicly. We have to use a softer method to fight abortion. Many people are already desensitized to violence, so why would they even care?

Camp 2: Graphic Images are disgusting! But so are the images of other horrible events during history. We must show these pictures so that people may wake up, and realize what it is that they’ve been supporting. People must realize that this is a real holocaust, and that it is attacking women and children- just like any other act of war.

Most don’t know this, but my Grandma often had pictures of fetal development and abortion up on her walls. I remember once that my mother asked that she remove them. I think my grandma once tried to explain them to me, but honestly I didn’t pay any attention as they were set up pretty high. Even if I had, I’m not sure how much affect they would have had on me- I literally have an absence of the fear of death, and while I can feel very sad for the people who have died, I’m horrified more by the fact of how they died rather than that they died.

To me, death is natural- but the ways to death are not always so.

I can sympathize with both camps- I agree that the pictures are tasteless, and often wielded by some of the more crazy flavors of people. But…I have to say that in the end, I support the right to show these pictures. Firstly because I’m a big fan of free speech, and secondly because I do think that some people, when confronted, will wake up and realize the horror of what they have supported for so long. Or at least I hope so.

But then I think of the people who were forced to go into the camps at places like Auschwitz and Dachau and bury the bodies of the many dead, and to see how Jews, Poles, and anyone who got on the wrong side of Hitler had starved. I remember the film I watched at one museum here in the US- the way so few of the Germans even seemed to care. I wish I could say that they were all just shocked, but honestly…ASH from the BODIES of these Jews and political prisoners had been raining on them with REGULARITY.

There weren’t any tears, in fact, I saw some glances that definitely had the haughty air of one caught doing something wrong who exclaims, “what of it?”

And then I think of Imaculeé’s book, where she and the other women she had been hiding with were brought out of the bathroom they had been hiding in at a pastor’s house. They were all starved, smelled horribly, and looked like ghosts. But there was still one of the pastor’s children who didn’t care- he still supported murdering Tutsis, even if (perhaps especially if?) he didn’t do it himself.

I wish I could say with certainty that I totally support these pictures because I know they work, but I don’t know if they do. I think the people they do work with have to be people who are open to the truth. Look at abortion “doctors”. They kill every single day, they literally get blood on their hands every single day, and they know the true development stages of a baby.

Yet they never stop. 30 abortions in one day is nothing to them. They see what they do, and yet they don’t.

They aren’t open to the truth- they have shut themselves out of it as neatly and tightly as possible. Because the second one entertains a truly free thought about what one is actually doing invites economic, political, and emotional disaster.

But I still support showing of “graphic images”. I don’t have nearly the same qualms about showing Holocaust pictures, or pictures of slaves, or of the Rwandan Genocide- abortion is just another holocaust. The only difference is that this time, its much quieter and much more intelligent.

You know, I had always asked myself what I would do if I had lived during WW2 or during slavery time. I’m still struggling with that. For now, I pray and write, and hope people stumble upon this. Hopefully someday I will counsel…

But this enemy is much worse than the Nazis. This enemy is the current frame of mind that people around the world are sharing, and its much harder to fight half-thought ideas and half-truths than it is to fight a bunch of brutes in stupid uniforms.

I believe we have to use whatever tools we have to break through that haze (and it is a haze) of rose-colored thoughts.

Oh, and for the few people who stumble upon this blog and feel the need to jump to retarded conclusions- um no. Not advocating terrorism here. The liberals do plenty enough of it to last quite a long while.




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