Retards: Why? How?

I live with retarded people. Perhaps you do, too. If you’re making a scathing comment about how “retard” is a horrible word to use for others because its insulting to people with Downs Syndrome, you yourself have a high chance of being retarded as well.

But why? Why are the retarded people so numerous, and why do they continue to exist? You can teach them, preach them, yell at them- and it doesn’t matter. They are so retarded that nothing can get through to them. Some of them start out pretty smart in the beginning of their lives, then end up retarded for the rest of their life. Others seem to be born stupid…or is it that they aspire to a high level of stupidity and nonsense?

Willful mental retardation is a serious problem in our society. For proof, one need only look out the window, or alternatively, type in “facebook” into a search engine:

Retard #1:

It cracks me up when people say that Obama was a huge mistake to be put in office. Well according to my sourses it was Bush’s a** that put the United States in debt by going to war in the wrong damn country and killed the wrong damn guy over 9-11, 2nd Bailed out these Big time companies that the CEO’s ended up in Federal Prison for Fraud.

Retard #1:

So the way I see this is we got the right person in office that is finally doing something right for a change. So get your head out of your stanky a** and face the music that its not gonna go away over night , its going to take years of rebuilding…

Retard #2:

Wow have you been holding that in for a while. I hope you feel better and I agree with you.

Random Person, daughter of Retard #1:

she has

Not A Retard#1:


According to CBO numbers in its Budget and Economic Outlook published this month, the cost of Operation Iraqi Freedom was $709 billion for military and related activities, including training of Iraqi forces and diplomatic op…erations.

The projected cost of the stimulus, which passed in February 2009, and is expected to have a shelf life of two years, was $862 billion.

The U.S. deficit for fiscal year 2010 is expected to be $1.3 trillion, according to CBO. That compares to a 2007 deficit of $160.7 billion and a 2008 deficit of $458.6 billion, according to data provided by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.

And if you are speaking of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac…. People who cannot afford it, should not own homes! No one is entitled to ANYthing!

So, the way I see it, we have the wrong person in office. The only way this country will be able to heal is on the backs of the hard working Americans with the fortitude to do what is right. Yes, people may have to work for minimum wage, no longer will the government be able to provide a good living to those who feel they are entitled to social welfare!


I agree that People need to work hard, but I don’t agree with these companies leaving to go over sea’s and pay pennies while they make millions.
I believe america should have never went to war with Iraq.
The Bush family has had it out for Saddam for many years and proven nothing. what has this done for our Country besides put it farther in debt.
Obama had no choice but to do this bailout otherwise it would have been worse then the Great Depression. When he came into office he walked into a huge mess and people are pointing fingers at him for all of this. why doesn’t the government put Bush on the stand and audit what he has done.

Putting aside all of the horrible spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and abuses of punctuation (all of which are possible, although not necessarily reliable methods for divining the extent of retardation in the general populace) one has to look at the arguments made.

Retard#1 makes an emotional appeal, angry, ranty, but generally full of fluff. There’s no numbers, no logic, just anger and blame.

Retard #2, as usual, jumps on the wagon, contributes nothing to anything, and disappears.

Not a Retard comes out with actual facts, numbers, and an argument that can be argued for or against, in a rational matter.

Perhaps dimly realizing that she is in over her head, the leader of the retards once again appeals to the imagination and emotions…utterly failing at providing any sort of an argument. Even though I agree somewhat with Not A Retard, I could easily argue with her points.


I fear that we will never be able to realize why retards exist, but in the next post, we shall deal with 1) how to identify a retard and 2) how to deal with a retard.

Voting starts soon. Lets kick the retards out.


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