A teaser: Meaning of Racism

This week is going to be CRAZY  for me, even crazier than last week, so it might not be till next Wednesday that I get time to blog. Yeesh I’m so sick of exams, essays, projects, you name it. On a good note, deer hunting season just started, and my Dad got to have the heart of the deer one of our friends caught. Poor deer- it turned out to be a mercy killing because he had gotten stuck in a fence, and would have died there (many painful days later) if our friend hadn’t have come across him.

(Not that I’m trying to apologize for hunters- they ROCK!) Mr. Serrano is out hunting right now, so hopefully he’ll have some luck. Its a beautiful day for it, if a bit chilly.

Anywho, I’m going to be busy, but I can tell you what the next post is going to be about- The Meaning of Racism. We had better define it as good as we can, then we can get around to the theological stuff.

Have to say, people are making me proud. For the most part, no nasty comments devolving into personal attacks. Just be careful! I reserve the right to either delete your post (if you swear more than I do…you’re done) but I also reserve the right to allow your post. And possibly make fun of it mercilessly, if its humorous enough.

Seriously, I’ve seen some comments on other blogs that are too funny to let die. So be warned if you make a derp sort of comment. Remember nothing dies on the internet!


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