I’m back from online death!

There’s actually a few people still coming here, which makes me feel happeh. So, what is with the long absence?

Well, if some of you true believing uber Mormons were hoping that God came down and put a stop to my horrible mischief, I say: God has better things to do.

Like helping me with school. I have had so many schedule changes, conflicts, and what-nesot going on that its been ridiculously busy. I normally take about 18 credits per semester, so for me to admit that things get crazy means A LOT.

I’ve also had umpteen essays, exams, make-up work, and a couple of family upheavals to take up what little free time I have.

So I apologize, because this little blog has been neglected. The great thing is, I’ve been taking notes, so I’ll soon be able to write a post continuing the theme of “Mormonism is a big, fat, racist white guy minus the wierd accent”.

And that post will come…..






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