Explosion On The Brain

Would be the best way to describe the end of my nearly finished college “career”. My brain needs a break, and so does my poor, ravished little soul. So here are 7 Quick Takes, on a Monday, and sorta kinda based on Conversion Diary’s thing, except I may have 10.

  1. College is ridiculous. I came in thinking that professors could actually act like adults, that students did something other than each other, and that “academic” still had meaning. Instead, I get poorly written comments about my writing abilities from some turkey-necked prof, who can’t seem to figure out the difference between commas, periods, and question marks. The best part? Apparently I’m not writing (in Spanish) at a high enough level. Thanks, prof tukeee neck, glad 2 c that u now hao to tpye. and criteek. well?
  2. Thank you Baby Jesus that the semester is over and that I’m nearly done. Also, thank you for my littlest cousin letting me know that not only is Dec 25 your birthday, its also her dog’s. Baby Jesus and Sparky were born on the same day! I nearly died from all the accumulated squee.
  3. It was awesome this month going to the Mass of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (that’s referring to *her* conception, not Baby Jesus’) at 7 am in the morning. It was a real sacrifice for me, since normally I don’t get a lot of rest anyways, and sleep is jealously defended. It was very peaceful.
  4. On a religious note, my mother went and “baptized” my Grandma and Uncle. How nice, considering they’re both dead and one was staunchly Catholic and the other was happily non-denominational garden variety Christian. Way to respect their life choices. And yes, I know that baptizing your dog has 300 times the effect of a “dead baptism” but its just more than a little insulting to their memories to suddenly claim them in the name of a made-up religion. Or any religion. You know what? I’m thinking I should go see if the Hindus can go claim the Mormons in the name of Ganges, or Kahli or something. Let’s see how happy they are with a list of saved formally Mormon, now Hindu souls. I mean, come on, its just a pretend ceremony right? You know their souls are still Mormon, right? I mean, its not as if it matters that your loved one’s name is now claimed on a list of the worshippers of Ganesh, right? Right?
  5. This has got to be the best photo ever:

    This is so true it is not even funny.

  6. Getting married is no easy thing. Money is turning out to be a huge problem, and I haven’t even let my family know about this. Literally the entire world knows…minus them. They probably know unofficially, as I have been dropping hints, but still… I wish I could tell them, but what with the mentality that I have to go bone multiple men before I can possibly know who is marriageable, and the even more defeating mentality that marriage isn’t worth it (mommy might be Mormon, but that doesn’t mean old habits die hard. Besides, she’s all for Mormon marriage. Just not Catholic marriage.) I’ll tell them eventually, but it will be when I have a nice place to hide out at, where I can conveniently hang up on them if they decide to send a barrage of negativity. I’m already enough of a pessimist without them adding to it.
  7. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait for confession. I’m going as soon as possible at the beginning of the New Year. I’ve been struggling with some serious sinning, and have been avoiding confession, which means I’ve been cut off from the Eucharist. Its going to be hard, but I’ll do it, and Mr. Serrano has been supportive for the most part. Yes some of the sinning involves him, no I haven’t “tried him on for size” if you know what I mean.
  8. HOLY CRAP NORTH KOREA! You are the world’s most retarded evil dictatorship. You fat sonofabitch Kim Jong Il, and your just as pasty faced son need to both be smacked upside the head. THANKS for putting us dangerously close to an actual WWIII. You retards. Go choke on your own blood, after being made to suffer what you put your people through. Seriously.
  9. Chronicles of Narnia is coming out with a new movie soon. I swear, kids movies are a lot more interesting to me now than they were when I was a kid. Not to mention Aslan’s a total badass in the movie.  …I feel weird saying that. Aslan is so obviously a big giant “oh hey I’m an obvious metaphor” for Christ that it is ridiculous. Not sure how Christ would view being called a “badass” but I’m guessing he’d probably not approve.
  10. Speaking of Christ, Christmas is nearly upon us, and Advent is over. The miracle of Christmas is not that a baby was born. A baby being born is one of those everyday miracles people should take more notice of. The Miracle of Christmas is that God himself came down to Earth, and became Man. No, not in the twisted, blaspheming, and rather banal manner that Mormons would have you believe, but in the literal manner that it was written in the Bible. God’s Word, the second person of the Trinity, became flesh- fully human, fully divine- because the Holy Spirit came upon the Virgin Mary. She didn’t have sex with God the Father as the Mormons have said, she wasn’t raped and came up with a whopper as some secularists have said, and she didn’t go cheat on Joseph. She said yes to God, and became the New Eve, and gave birth to the New Adam who was God and Man 100%.

    Our God loved us so much that he humbled himself into the form of a man, suffered with us, and died for us, and it started in a tiny little run-down area of Bethlehem. He not only became man, but he became man in a poor family in a poor corner of the world to a poor people completely cowed by the Romans. God’s Word became Flesh, and deigned to visit us and see us at our absolute worst, and our absolute best. The uncaused cause, the One who created the universe, the one with no beginning and no end, took it upon himself to save this little group of people who really didn’t deserve it, and decided to do it as one of us.

    Merry Christmas, and Happy, Waiting Advent.

PS Get your heathen butts to a Midnight Mass near you- its at Midnight!! ^_^


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