Merry Christmas!

And yes, merry Christmas, not happy holidays. For one thing, Hanukah isn’t the hugest deal in Jewish culture, and for another, Kwanzaa is just another made up holiday by people who are just going overboard with the political thing.

Sorry African Americans, but you’re more American than you’re African. That will sound really racist until you actually meet someone from Africa, and realize that you no longer have a shared culture with that group. It sucks, but its true.

But yes, happy day of Christ’s birth, the birth from a virgin woman of the great I AM- I AM came to our little planet and was given birth to, and later suffered and died for all of our sins. That is what our God did.

That’s why its a big deal to say, “Merry Christmas”. It was because of that birth that people can have that deep relationship with God, where sins are forgiven, and where we can know that yes, He actually does know exactly how we feel.

So if you are offended by celebrating Christmas, I find that sad. At the very least, don’t prevent those of us who see this as a good thing from celebrating. Don’t try to lay guilt on us for saying Merry Christmas. If it offends you so much, go find a rock to live under until all that ugly Christianity has gone away.

On the other hand, why not share in the joy? Why not at least be happy your neighbor has the sense that they should be joyful and kind to others, especially during this season?

You know what the biggest irony is? I, a grumpy, ranty Catholic, am never offended to hear Hanukah songs, nor do I get offended when my Asian friends (they’re not all Japanese!!!) send me New Year’s Cards that reference the Bhuddha and good luck, nor do I get offended when Muslim friends celebrate Ramadan.

I don’t agree with any of those religions, especially Islam, but I’m happy that my friends are happy. I don’t tell them that their holidays need to be made more “inclusive” to include even people who don’t believe in any sort of higher power. I don’t tell them how they can or can not celebrate-

I’m just happy that they have a belief in something outside of themselves, and that they are joyful.

So, even though December 25 has passed, just be happy for those who are happy, and drop this “happy holidays” thing. For once, be honest, and be filled with joy.

Merry Christmas.


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