I am so lucky and blessed!!!!!

There’s a super good chance that I will be attending March for Life this January. GOD PROVIDES! I never thought I’d be able to go, due to severe lack of money.

And when I say severe lack of money I really mean dirt-freaking poor.

Now I just have to get Mr. Serrano to be okay with it…^_^ Oh no, am I being an oppressed woman by checking in with future Mr. Awesome to see if I can go on this trip that will last at least 5 days?

Or am I just being a little considerate of his feelings? You know, since disappearing for a few days can be kind of sad. I’m really going to miss him, even though its just a few days. Mr. Serrano can’t go with me, due to work.

This is going to be an awesome year.

Hmmm…now just where can I find an Our Lady of Guadeloupe banner to take with me?




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5 responses to “MARCH FOR LIFE!!

  1. David

    Have fun. Certainly, be considerate of your fiance’. Remember Ephesians 5…God is providing you this opportunity, go with it. I’ll be going to my first one on the West Coast, blushing because I live near SF, and could have gone other years, except that it wasn’t very well published until it happened. I make plans months in advance, and could not fit it in in past years. We’ll be going this year, though.

    • Thank you and welcome! I really think God has provided this opportunity. Mr. Serrano is okay with it (there I go again being all oppressed ^_^) , and is happy that I’ll be staying at a church. I guess DC can get pretty crazy at times.

      I will be keeping Ephesians 5 in mind. Its a beautiful passage, and ought to remind me to pray more than I talk. Have you participated in the 40 days for life in your area? We’re happy just to have someone stop and pray no matter if they’re Catholic or not, or even if we may not see them again. Its a great way to get involved if you don’t have time or money to get out to the marches, and is 100% supposed to be prayer- nothing else.

      Hurrah that you’re going this year!! I heard that the one in DC was bigger than the one held for Civil Rights back in the 60’s. I think this one this year will be even bigger, especially if we include all the parts of the country that are doing this. Extra kudos for doing it near SF, I’ll pray for you. Hopefully things won’t get too hairy. God bless you for doing so!

      • David

        If at all possible, you need to make every effort to visit the Basilica in DC. Visit to find out how to get there and what to see. Be sure to bring a camera, if you can.
        I like that even with limited resources, you are doing your spiritual works. I feel you will be blessed.
        It is important that you establish your fiance as someone you will obey, hopefully he will be the spiritual leader of your domestic church. Don’t be hindered by the way of the world in this-it is honorable to do this. This doesn’t mean you have to let him get away with things, as husband and wife, your vocation(s) are to help each other get to heaven. So if he was cheating or something, submission and obedience does not mean you have to let him do those things. For what does it say after it says “Wives, obey your husbands…”? It says “Husbands, love your wife as you do yourself.” Love, in that case, and in many biblical cases, means SACRIFICE.
        I don’t often participate in 40 days for life, though my prayers are with them. Reason being, my normal life is pretty busy. But once in a while, I do participate.

        I don’t care if it’s hairy, here, I will march for the truth.

  2. Oooo I shall have to visit that basilica. Hello pilgrimage!

    I keep going sarcastic about the oppressed woman thing due to being bombarded with extreme feminist propaganda. It makes me giggle to know that part of the reason I started shying away from matriarchy is due to the extreme feminists I know. Real feminists are much nicer, even if I don’t always agree.

    And I love that verse about wives obeying their husbands. Right about the time you get someone who truly is bigoted saying ” AHA!” you have the follow up about how husbands should behave.

    Lol its turning into an exercise of humility for me, since I’m not used to checking in with anyone. Its caused a couple of arguments between us, and after I got it out of my head that he was trying to be controlling I realized that I would want to know if he was going to up and disappear for a few days. I’d be worried otherwise.

    Take a camera to your march too- maybe it can get posted on the YouTube, since the media does its best to censor it.

    I can’t wait to go- I think I’m the first of my family to head East instead of West. Should be an interesting trip.

    • David

      Stay strong, the feminists are wrong. Join the first real feminist-Mother Mary. There’s nothing wrong with humility…we all need it now and then.

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