Pro-Life Controversy- A March For Life!

So, here is the promised post!  March for Life 2011 in Washington DC made me proud of this country. That we could get 400,000 people in one spot and there was barely any rudeness much less rioting says a lot about how cool Americans really are.

There were maybe 20 protesters that were pro-choice, in one small group, ironically gathered outside of the area where women were telling their abortion experience to the world as part of the Silent No More awareness campaign. Notre Dame took care of that, though, by utilizing their banner. Normally, I’m not for covering up anyone, even if I disagree with them, but come on. Pro-Life people are treated very badly and told to shut up 364 days a year. Let us have one year.

(I heard that the pro-choice group started praying the rosary. Don’t they know that Mary is the protectoress of the unborn? Have they ever actually meditated on the significance of Jesus in the womb of Mary? WAKE UP!)

People are waking up. People are coming out of the woodwork. FINALLY! We got zero coverage, except from the Washington Post, in which we were described as in the “thousands” (ummm no, more like 400,000 minimum) and as “anti-abortion”.

Anti-abortion is accurate in describing pro-lifers, to a degree. Yes, we are 100% against taking the life of a fetus (LATIN FOR BABY), but being pro-life is so much more than that.

Pro-Life is:

  1. Anti-abortion
  2. Anti- euthanasia
  3. Pro-family AND pro woman
  4. Against needless killing of any kind
  5. Anti-eugenic (so, please, stop killing 90% of down syndrome babies, or giving up on adequate care for infants with disabilities.)

And that is just a few of the things we are.

Our march, our protest, was AMAZING. Literally everyone was there! There were Jews, Catholics, Lutherans, Protestants of any denomination, Hare Krishnas (no really!), non-religious, rich, poor, young (the overwhelming majority) old, Canadian, Nicaraguan, South American, North American- from every state and every country!

Although I will say, the Papal flag certainly made its appearance.

Best of all, we marched with joy and compassion. Everyone acted in a Christ-like manner, with few exceptions, which is great for a crowd that big. Protests can get scary, but this one was awesome.

Many people had very inspiring signs. One woman brought her son with her. She had aborted him, and he survived, and she thanks God that he was one of the few that did. Another woman had been told to abort her baby, who is now 12, due to cancer.Many people with disabilities came, who had had parents who had been told to abort them. One Notre Dame Girl proudly displayed a sign on her electric wheelchair. Doctors had told her parents that she would be a vegetable, useless, and better off if she died. She has a degree from Notre Dame now!

It was beautiful to see so many people at the March. I made lots of good friends, and was glad to be part of something so important.

Jumping to my title from above, I feel I need to go into detail about why I wrote “Pro-Life Controversy”.

You see, its very controversial to be pro-life. We are often demonized by neighbors as well as the media. We are de-humanized, just like the unborn, to a monolithic creature that isn’t capable of rational thought, that ruins everything for everyone.

Somehow, even weakly saying that every baby, fetus, embryo, fertilized egg, deserves the chance to live- free of our meddling. Somehow, its no longer taught in schools that we have the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. The last two are emphasized loudly, but the first is often ignored.

Its too controversial.

Can people please wake up? It was too controversial to discuss what was happening to the Jews in Europe (thanks, Time Magazine…sheesh), it was too controversial to name what went on in Rwanda, and its too controversial today to teach about the Armenian genocide.

The US is directly responsible for the acceptance of abortion, and not only are we pushing it on minorities (as the possible future mother of children who will be Latino/Hispanic, this makes me shiver) not only are we pushing it on the poor, and not only are we using it to weed out “undesirable” people with disabilities, we are forcing it on other countries!

Abortion is an evil that must be stopped. ALL people, including rape babies, disabled babies, unplanned babies, deserve a chance to live. All people must be accepted, because really, just how comforting is the thought that the only reason YOU are here is because your mother wanted you?

Why not welcome everyone, instead of selecting only a few? How does it feel to know that your mother could have killed you, but chose not to? I’m guessing that feels less like love and more like relief.

I went to March for Life, and at the Mass in the Basilica, I prayed that women would actually be given real support.

What is truly controversial for me, what is truly heartbreaking, is that people will actually scream, shout, and do everything they can to keep the “right”

to kill

to maim

But these same people never think about offering, instead of that abomination called abortion, perhaps blankets, food, kind words- support- people just don’t do that!

No, much more important to promote a “choice” that dehumanizes both mother and child, and effectively cuts out the father from the picture.

To the people who say that they are against abortion, but for choice, would you accept me if I said I was against child abuse, but for the choice of a mother to do as she pleases? Would I be politically correct if I said that I’m against Hitler killing the Jews, gypsies, catholic priests, polish, and assorted others- but that if that is his choice then I must accept it?

Why is it then, that abortion is a “choice”, when all these other things are not?

However, I have hope. People are waking up. 400,000 people in Washington DC from all over the world and the country stood up, traveled God knows how many miles, and said that they would speak for the ones who can’t.

I can’t believe that the idea of granting life to someone is controversial. It baffles me. I always wondered what I would do if I had to oppose something as evil as slavery, if I could be like Harriet Tubman. Now, I’m facing something just as evil, and realizing how scared she must have felt at times.

How many times did she look into the faces of her masters, and wonder when or if they would ever wake up and realize she is human, too?

How many times are we going to have to do that on the behalf of the unborn, before people realize that they are human, too?


Next post will be mostly visual- I will include *some* graphic images, but only with a warning before them, and some commentary. I will place them at the end, or perhaps in a separate post, so that if you do not want to view them you do not have to. All of the other photos will only be frightening if you hate being in large groups of people.



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