“Sex Workers” vs “Sex Slaves”

I am having some issues trying to upload my photos, so I promise this post will be short, and still visual.

First, a short comment. I am a student of language. I love language and all of its little rules. I have also been very cognizant of certain changes that tend to creep into language- changes that can be very good or very bad. For example, the move to characterize prostitutes as “sex slaves” rather than just plain prostitutes.

Why would that change be good? It shows that people are (or were) starting to understand that prostitution is rarely something a woman (or man) goes into by choice. It is often the result of kidnapping, coercion, violence, and horribly greedy people providing a “service” to people who are morally sick and confused.

Mr. Serrano has told me how that when he was younger, he was tempted to go to a brothel. There are tons of brothels in Mexico, and just like in many areas of the world, including the US, its often considered “normal” to go to a titty bar or brothel. There’s really not a ton of difference between the two, depending upon the laws of the country, and if those laws are even enforced. As he was on the same street of the brothel, he decided not to go. Why? He woke up when he saw 2 young children, barely 10 years old, a sister and brother- peddling their bodies. “They even seemed to like what they were doing- they were smiling…” The incidence unnerved him so much that thankfully he never sought out that sick “entertainment” again. All he could think of were his own siblings, safe at home and happily innocent of the darkness only a few miles away.

No one ever discusses how those prostitutes you see might have been forced into it when they were just little kids. So much for the talk show hosts and their “normal, happy, healthy” prostitutes. What, healthy in that they haven’t contracted AIDS or Syphillis- yet?

A rather disturbing trend I’ve seen, however, is that just as people were starting to use the more graphic, realistic, truthful term “sex slaves” rather than the term “prostitute”, those of the progressive/liberal end of the political spectrum started to use “sex workers”.

I noticed it on NPR, on many blogs, and recently into more mainstream sources of news. Suddenly it seems its not politically correct to say “sex slaves”.

I would agree its not completely correct to say prostitute. The definition of prostitute- one who has sex for money- is correct, however, it can be misleading. The conventional depiction of prostitutes is women, not girls, boys, or men, who use their sex to solicit money from men. They may or may not have a “pimp”, but a lot of them do have a “madam” and the stereotype is that they end up liking or at least tolerating their “job”. There’s little mention in popular culture how that prostitute started out, perhaps because its much easier to blame someone who in reality is a victim than to condemn the men who somehow just can’t control themselves.

It also does a great job of avoiding the fact that men are also prostitutes, and does an even better job at avoiding the whole “I’m only 11 and my mother is forcing me to have sex for money” bit.

No, much easier to believe that 18 year old is just a little small and skinny for her age, and she’s just trying to make some extra cash. Much easier to believe that they’re all just a bunch of home-wreckers, thereby taking the load of shame off of that wayward husband.

And so it goes with the term “sex worker” only now, because we are all so much more politically correct and enlightened, we’ve made sure that its gender neutral!

But…wait…worker? Isn’t work something you’re supposed to do voluntarily? You know, not slave work? You know, not trying to escape your country only to be sold to God knows where?

I wonder what all those guys and gals in Tokyo from the former Soviet Bloc think about their “work” and the homes they will never see again?

What does it matter, if they’re all just a bunch of “sex workers”. Maybe we should just organize so that they can receive better STD testing, better wages and working conditions? I guess that would be better than working towards eliminating an industry and a mindset that treats the human body as a commodity- with absolutely no regard for the psychological, soulful, person behind the vagina or butt or mouth or all of the above that is currently being used.

Nah, instead of calling it what it is, lets call it the gender inclusive sex worker. So much more sanitary than a slave….

This video is disgusting, but note the language and attitude. Also, its been noted that Planned Parenthood denounced this all as some convoluted attack on them…only to have to admit that they and their associates were in serious trouble with the law.

Stop pornography.

Stop contraception.

Stop abortion.

Stop prostitution of any kind.

Save the world from itself.

Our Lady of Guadeloupe, pray for us.


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