When Conspiracy Theories Come True

Alright, first a quip.

I put “BOOBS” in my title, mostly as a joke. Kind of like when college dorms put out information, sometimes they’ll write SEX to get your attention. I figured my title was funny, to the point, and had an attention grabber worthy of a 12 year old (or a college student).

*Sigh* So I get a ton of page views, only to find that the majority of you are actually here, looking up “boobs”. This tells me that you’re probably a bit young, and you’re probably going to get a lot of viruses from looking up “free” porn.

Boys (and girls) please stop looking at porn. There’s a good reason its considered a mortal sin, okay?

Anyways, I love conspiracy theories. I’m already a slightly paranoid individual, and conspiracy theories are something I like to indulge in on occasion.

However…the fun stops when the conspiracy theory turns out to be true. Conspiracy theories are fun, because they allow for an unlimited amount of wild speculation. Basically, its daydreaming for adults.

Often, I have joked and wondered about that whole thing about Mormon missionaries splitting up families-IF- one or more members are vehemently opposed to the religion. I certainly qualify as that. I haven’t shut up about being happy to be Catholic, nor have I agreed where it was asked that I agree- because I can’t agree. Mormons are NOT Christians, fuzzy Jesus feelings aside, and that leaves an ocean of disagreement between Mormons and Catholics.

Obviously, that hasn’t made me popular. If the few of you regularly reading haven’t noticed, I have talked about this before- the splitting of families. Families are only forever- if they’re Mormon. Families are only strong- if they’re Mormon. Families are only “happy”- if they’re Mormon, because there actually is a move to make you, the dissenter, become you, the alienated.

Simply put, if you don’t fit the mold, you will be edged out. I have heard it talked about, seen it on various ex-mormon chat sites, and have read the documentation in big, boring, dusty old books that are written by people who spend their lives studying the social aspect of cults. (I’m using the classic definition here, not the contemporary…)

I had always kind of wondered if this wasn’t naturally occurring, due to psychology. After all, I do live in a house that is emotionally abusive (the second I graduate and get a decent job is the second I leave…and Mexico is looking pretty damn awesomely far away….) and it could make sense that crazy, abusive, pshcyo-mom getting herself a brand new religion (that just happens to feed right into her usual self-righteousness) would cause some stress.

But not to the point where I literally cannot communicate with my dad. Not to the point where I’ve basically been told that I’m not really a part of the family anymore, so I don’t get to know about my brothers’ lives, or anyone else, for that matter. I’ve written about this before (I will link later)  and I’ve joked that its like there must be some sort of process.

I joked. I wondered. And then I found out it is true.

Shame on you, you lying sack of crap, Joseph Smith. Shame on you for creating a cult (contemporary definition) that splits people apart, just because you were crazy and hungry for power.

I’ll admit it, I’m a snooper. I’m still unsure about the morality of that status, but when nobody is open and honest, the only way to get true information is to snoop. When living in an abusive household, you go into survival mode. That most likely isn’t right, but it is a fact.


criticism, compare, complain, condemn, complete

This was written in my mother’s “diary” she is forced to keep. She despises diaries, so its not surprising that very little was there. I was searching for some information on current events in our family, and lo and behold, I find this.

Honestly, I’m angry, sad, disappointed….but not at all surprised. THIS is how she has been arguing for roughly the past year, if she brings up religion at all.

First, she criticizes the Church. (The true one, not that damned parody where Missouri = Garden of Eden).

Then she compares it (unfavorably) to the Mormon “Church”.

Then she complains about being “attacked” (as if trying to convert me when I’m NOT at all partial to the idea isn’t an attack) or she complains about some practice of the Church that she doesn’t like. Basically, she uses an emotional appeal to gain me over.

After, she condemns my beliefs, my reasons for believing, and basically demeans my character. Obviously if I were a good person I’d become Mormon.

Lastly, she completes, by tying it all back into her first point and leaving an emotional wrench in there for good measure.

The problem is, this process fails entirely when all of her comparisons, criticisms, and condemnations all add up to one big emotional pile of steaming crap. All I have to do to stop the process is give her facts, and not get angry. Not that facts work on such an enlightened being as a true-believing-ready-to-cram-it-down-your-throat Mormon, because facts, like real science and real archeology, can all be ignored.

What matters is that “burning in your bosom” right? Because faith and reason were never really friends anyway, right?

Sadly, however, this is the most disappointing thing I’ve seen in a long while. I know that my mother wouldn’t have written that down unless she were copying it from someone else. She is not one to come up with alliterative devices to help her remember stuff on her own. Hell, if she were any sort of honest, she’d quit with the diary thing, because I’m not kidding you she likes that diary as much as most people like pulling nails.

No, she got that from someone in her faith community, that I’m coming to view more and more as a cult and less and less as a bonafide religion. And its actually in a cute “5 C’s” form too.

If anyone has any info on what this could be, instead, let me know. I have played a few innocent scenarios in my head, but when you find a smoking gun, its hard to argue that it wasn’t fired.

I am disgusted by this “religion”. Utterly, absolutely, disgusted.


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