The link thingy works once again! It was driving me nuts! So, since today is actually going to be a little busy, I’m going to post an itinerary of sorts for people to look through. In the next week or so I’m hoping that I can clean up my blog-roll.

What’s Coming Up: In no particular order

  • My reaction to a blog post from Progressive Mormon (actually, its a reaction to the video) that will inevitably ramble. Expect a commentary on the movie, Atheism, and a theory I have that a lot of Mormons seem to end up Atheist. (And why I wouldn’t blame them…)
  • A reaction to the striking down of a bill that was supposed to protect the unborn from domestic violence, and has been shelved because of idiot pro-aborts (yes, because I’ve seen a grand total of ZERO advocating for any other “choice”) decided to be hyperbolic idiots. Thanks. Really. Love to see that stopping the whole “punch the unborn baby through mommy” is still considered a “choice”. I guess its still a 2 for 1 deal for murderers. You know, murder mommy and baby, but only get charged for mommy’s murder. Expect lots of rant.
  • A response to Conversion Diary, about the religious climate. You can see Jennifer’s post here, where she conglomerated the answers. I think I might post about this first.
  • I think I might also do a “good priest/bad priest” post, with true info about the sex scandals, and how anti-Catholicism, homophobia, and people’s twisted ideas of relationships helped fuel the mounds of bullshit that grew out of it.

Also, I would ask that people pray for the Middle East, especially the countries in which we’re seeing protests and police brutality. Keep in your prayers especially the Christians and the Jews, and of course women, who are NOT going to come out of this very well, read here. There’s also a good post about Muslims protecting the Christians, which is AWESOME, not to mention beautiful. However, politics…they suck, and unfortunately some groups will use whatever religion is at their disposal to continue on with business as usual.


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