A Short One:

Even though I now have break, I’m still very busy. I’ve been hitting the road and using my extra time to look up jobs… its bleak out there, even for someone with Spanish background. Sometimes especially if you have a language background…because you’re an elitist, or else you’re supporting those “damn immigrants”, or you must be assuming that the Eastern European lady is Spanish speaking because of her accent (which suddenly gives her “reason” to treat you badly…even though you weren’t assuming anything)

Yeah, there’s a good reason for getting out of GRAP City. A really good reason.

Anyway, there’s a few things I’d like to address. Lets see if I can bullet point them:

  • That bullshit about legislation to “change the legal definition of rape” that MoveOn.org and so many other retarded organizations were going on about? Guess what, THERE WAS NO PROPOSED CHANGE to the legal language! The only change would bewould have been that if you’re a domestic abuser and you punch a woman to kill her and her baby (or fetus, latin for baby) then you get charged with two murders, instead of the current “2 for 1” deal we have going on. But thanks, MoveOn.org for letting your political beliefs getting in the way of your common sense. Thanks, Americans, for taking the time to use your freaking brains and actually read the damn legislation.
  • That other bullshit, about “women being left do die in front of hospitals”…OH YAH. DAT’S BULLSHIT TOO, EH. (Why did I just go stereotypical yooper there?) That bit of hypersensationalized bullshit was about a law that was supposed to stop us taxpayers funding something we consider to be murder and abuse. It kills a child, abuses a woman, and dehumanizes all involved- including the abortion doctor. Yeah. Maybe that’s why I don’t want to pay for it Thanks again, “liberal” America. You sure showed how so not dogmatic you really are.

Also, its the beginning of Lent. So, let me put up 10 facts about Lent.

  1. Lent is a time of reflection.
  2. Lent is not a time of “guilting” people, but it is a great time for a breather, and an evaluation of how we’re doing. Only fools have no regrets- because only fools would assume that they are perfect and need no further instruction.
  3. Lent is traditionally 40 days, but can go longer. This is due to the biblical idea of 40 being an idea of completeness, rather than a literal 40 days.
  4. You don’t fast on Sundays during Lent. Sundays are meant to celebrate Christ risen from the dead!
  5. The ashes are symbolic of repentance. Look to the Jews for an explanation!
  6. Yes, you really do give up meat on every Friday. You’re actually supposed to do that every Friday, Lent or not, unless you give up something besides meat on Friday.
  7. Friday is traditionally a day of repentance, due to it being the day that Jesus died upon the cross. Think of it this way- you don’t yell “KEGGER” at someone’s funeral.
  8. Anyone, Protestant or non-Christian, may come up for Ashes on Ash Wednesday. Its a sacramental, which is not the same as the Blessed Sacrament, or Eucharist (Communion). Although why a non-Christian would be coming to Ash Wednesday is beyond me, unless they were considering conversion.
  9. We give up things during Lent that are hindrances to our relationship with God. We may also take certain practices up.
  10. Lent is followed by Easter, and NO Easter is not a big celebration of a pagan goddess. That is the name that got tacked on in English, and since England had a pagan celebration close by that is the name that stuck. Every other language has a latin based name that goes back to the original word- Passover. Hence, Pascua. Or the “Paschal Feast”.

As for me, I’m giving up sugar this Lent. Not all forms of sugar (since that would be unhealthy and impossible) but I will be giving up candies, pop, donuts, syrup, etc…basically anything obviously not good for me. I figure that my sugar addiction (it is what it is) has lead to me being a bit further from God than I should be. Instead of focusing on my homework, or prayer, or doing something else just as useful, I’ve been focusing on where my next sugar fix is. I’ve also noticed that when I don’t have sugar I get irritable. So hopefully I can break myself of this habit. It will also remind me that I have so much to eat while others can’t even have food, much less sugar. Perspective is nice.

I’m also going to be taking up a practice- learning the rosary in Latin and in Spanish. I want to someday pray the Rosary with Mr. Serrano, and I’d love to be able to pray it in Latin. Its interesting praying in another language not your own, because it forces you to think through the meaning of the words, rather than sliding through them easily and without a lot of thought.

I think this is going to be an ambitious Lent. In the news, Mr. Serrano is arranging classes (well, I’m doing it for him due to him being unable to come during the week) and hopefully he’ll learn something. Its going to be an interesting journey and I can think of no better time to start than Lent!



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3 responses to “A Short One:

  1. Sybil Marie

    Think of it this way- you don’t yell “KEGGER” at someone’s funeral.

    haaha! clear analogy! thanks for the post, angela. see you in the Eucharist today… as we offer up our Lenten sacrifices with the Perfect Sacrifice Himself. i’ll be praying for you and the fiance… and btw, i need to get back to you about bottles for boda or alternative plan of lucrative benefit. *sigh* in time. miss you.

    • OMG you read my blog! *is flattered*

      Miss you too. Mr. Serrano and I are trying to find ways to raise money, so its going to get creative. Should be fun. Thanks for the prayers.

  2. David

    Happy, reverent Lent, Angela. Good luck with lingusitics. Sometimes it’s easier to learn to sing them in the different language, then to put the Latin with the English to know what you’re saying…Good revelation about what the laws actually said…God bless.

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