Pray for Japan!

I would just like to leave a very short post begging people to pray. Japan has been hit by an earthquake, after shocks, a tsunami, and NOW they must worry not only about the financial setback but a possible FREAKING NUCLEAR DISASTER.

Bad things happen to good people. I’m not going to go into the philosophy, but please set down your books, your computer, your whatever, and take even just a few seconds to pray that Japan make it through this disaster (s).

If you have the money, please donate to a charity to help, but prayer is something EVERYONE can do. I have several friends there, and while they are unaffected for the most part, the scenes on the television are horrifying.

Our Lady of Akita, Saint Paul Miki, Saint Francis Xavier, all the martyrs and saints of Nagasaki and all of Japan, please pray for the people right now, who are suffering without food, water, shelter, and the knowledge of their families’ whereabouts. Please grant them peace of mind as much as can be had, and the courage to keep on going and to rebuild.


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