Why So Pessimistic?

Not sure if anyone has noticed, heh heh but my last few posts have been incredibly negative. As I mentioned before, its mostly because I need to vent. Letting off some steam now decreases the chance of me being angry later.

So why was I so angry at anything and everything? Well, besides the usual stress of life (job searching, dumb college politics, stupid responses from Catholic Answers that remind me I became Catholic due to beliefs, not fuzzy feelings from people…) I had the bomb of my life thrown at me.

I can handle that my parents will probably kick me out of the house after I announce a formal engagement to Mr. Serrano. I can handle that my mother is emotionally abusive and psychologically childish, that my father is often immature and has allowed my mother to be emotionally abusive, and that my brother is favored, but that is only leading to his own disaster. I can handle overblown, stupid college professors who have no idea how easy it would be to get them fired for their shenanigans (but won’t, because I’m really tired of seeing people in the unemployment lines…). I can handle a lot. My life is very stressful, but I can handle it.

Perhaps it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but my head pretty much imploded, then exploded, then imploded again, after being directed by a friend to this site.

Holy Mother of God…This is from a place that calls itself a “church”. Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids has in addition to a number of already questionable practices (umm okay, pagan spirituality in a supposedly vaguely Jesus sort of institution?) and in addition to some awesome architecture (no, really, it is aesthetically pleasing) it also has a “Choice Fund”.

They actually fund loans to support abortions. Supposedly its all through private means, but it obviously has the support of this “faith” “community”.

I’m not sure exactly what it was. I’ve run into Christians who support abortion, but even they pay lip service to making abortion “rare”. I’ve run into a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to abortion, so I don’t know why this one in particular elicited such a response from me.

Maybe its because they boast of having “helped” 5000 women in GR at a single clinic alone, and GR isn’t exactly the biggest city in the world.

Maybe its because they call themselves a church, and while I can conceive that people will screw things up, churches try to do better.

I keep having nightmares about this.

That’s 5,000 women who have had their lives irrevocably changed, and not for the better. One set of problems has been switched for something even more problematic.

That’s 5,000 babies, not including twins, who never lived to breathe, never saw their first birthday, never went to kindergarten, never said “I love you” to their biological mothers or adoptive mothers or anyone else for that matter.

That’s 5,000 men who have lost their fatherhood, assuming that none of them were rapists.

That’s 20,000 grandparents from the maternal and paternal sides, assuming no re-marriages in which case the number would be even higher.

That’s a minimum of people affected. That number, 5,000, is going to stick in my head for a long time.

If you decide to take any action for the pro-life side remember:

Prayer is the best weapon of all.

Love is necessary.

Civility and Charity are your best friends.

Sometimes no words are needed- just prayer, love, support, and kindness.

Help support the cause for Life by making it a point of being kind to those with kids, the single dads and moms, the teenage moms and dads, etc. If we offer real support and real love, hopefully people would think twice.

And please, please pray for those communities of faith that support abortion. Never stop praying.



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3 responses to “Why So Pessimistic?

  1. David

    From the top of your post…I quit going to Catholic Answers forums (in fact most Catholic forums) because of all the sniping. I say “use Catholic.com for what it is good for-articles in This Rock, Catholic Answers radio podcasts, good faith tracts to help you argue with Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Past that, leave it alone.
    If your parents are like what you say, you can do a couple of things…charitably tell them that they can like it or lump it. If they ever want to have their daughter, they will have to learn to like it. I did it when I married (at age 33) a Filipino lady. Mom thought she was like her preconceived notion-a prostitute who serviced military men that I foolishly fell for. Because I didn’t tell her “Mom, her family is wealthy and own a school and hospital in the Philippines”. I wanted her to know my wife for her self. Even though I was not the man I am now. My mom learned to love my wife, and then I told her about her family. But she spent years complaining to my sister about her.
    About your main point, I totally am aghast.

  2. Yes…the forums do tend to get snippy. Occasionally they have really good advice, and I love This Rock Magazine with all the great information it offers. The comment that had thrown me into a tizzy was that I’d been told to just dump my fiance because he thinks the Mass is mockery (its a misunderstanding, and is getting cleared up…Mr. Serrano never meant it as an insult) because yeah, that will totally show him how important the Mass is to me. I’m sure that approach would have worked well with the early Greek and Roman pagans. (>.<)

    I will definitely keep using them for info…but the forums I might avoid. I'm not a fan of sniping when honest questions are supposed to be debated.

    I'm sorry to hear that your mother was so against your wife. Maybe its my generation, but even if your wife *were* a prostitute, I'd think it would be a huge credit to her that she managed to marry and become a faithful wife.

    My parents are probably going to assume that I'm either pregnant or Mr. Serrano is marrying me so he can become a citizen. Little do they know that he is very attached to his citizenship from his country…..

    Hmm maybe I shall post my plan of attack for announcing my engagement up here and see what people think. Mr. Serrano and I have been strategizing and hoping for the best.

  3. David

    I’m glad you see your relationship as a teaching and evangelizing moment. It’s funny how people really don’t value relationships. My own blood aunt told my wife to dump me. My wife had good reason, mind you, I wasn’t a very good husband at the time and had been carrying on long distance ‘relationships’ on the internet. But my wife, bless her, said “17 years, I will not. She gave me the ultimatum, and I dove deeper into our marriage…we’re working on 23 years now. And yes, I’ve been very good. No more addictions-cigarettes, porn, myself…

    As for places to get good advice, all the Catholic places will have people who are too far left or right, too pious or too liberal in their theology. Just have your Catholic nose ready to discern who’s with you and who’s against you.

    You’re right about even if…look at Jesus’ bloodline…Rahab? OMG! Tamar? OMG!!! and then there’s that Ruth woman…

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