Top Ten Reasons to Buy A Modest Wedding Dress

I actually have time for blogging now (at the moment) so here’s a post that isn’t so serious, or long.

There’s a lot of reasons to buy a modest wedding dress (or make one if you’re some sick version of an over-achiever) other than avoiding a fashion faux pas. Here are 10 reasons.

  1. You are in a church. Not only does a modest wedding dress emphasize that you’re getting married, not sold off, it also helps to remind you that your wedding is not completely about you. Its about you, God, your spouse, and the life about to begin. Respect yourself, and respect others.
  2. It can be much much cheaper! For a comparison, try this dress on, or that dress on. Both are elegant, both are gorgeous, but the more modest option is noticeably less expensive.
  3. Modest wedding gowns usually means attachments. So if you want to be a little more liberal outside of the church you can take parts off. Which is really nice for me, since I’m going to be getting married in some hot weather. I’ll keep the spaghetti straps though, just because unless you’ve got mosquito boobs, that thing won’t wold itself up.
  4. A lot of modest gowns, besides being cheaper, also seem a little less labor intensive. Seriously, strapless leads to all sorts of problems- boobs want to fall out or sag (a good boustie can help, but sometimes its a hopeless case) the dress wants to budge up right around your midsection, and its soooo much easier to tread on the dress and have something slip out or just annoy you. If its a poorly made sheath dres, it can also slip around on you.
  5. Modest dresses are classic as long as you avoid the Mormon sites. Ewww tacky. It seems that the more immodest your dress gets, the less likely you are to want to show off that dress a few years on. Also, modest dresses can avoid going the “trendy” route, which easily can turn into the “MYEYESMYEYES!!” road.
  6. Modest dresses do a lot to ensure that the Priest is looking at you and the parish, not your boobies. Priests are men too!
  7. Did I mention that actual modest dresses achieve an elegant look? Remember, you should be exuding all of the grace and elegance of a queen, not all the brashness of your prom.
  8. Modest dresses can more easily be handed down to future generations, within reason.
  9. Modest dresses scream formal, instead of “oh, I just bought a white sun dress because I wanted to be whimsical and free-spirited and divorced just like any liberated woman!”.
  10. Modest wedding dresses means that you can bling up other things- the veil, a necklace, a bracelet- without going over the top.

Basically, modest wedding dresses rock.


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  1. HEY! In case anyone is stopping in, I’m going to be doing my 100th post (really, 100!) on May 2. Its a beginning of the month post, but its going to be epic considering recent events and a favorite Catholic culture I’d like to highlight.

    I don’t want to write a post telling people, because then that would ruin my 100 theme!

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