How to be Pro-Life

First, let me just shout this out right now: Blessed Kateri is going to be canonized to SAINT KATERI!!! !Aleluya! She just happens to be my Confirmation Saint…whether or not its legit for a Blessed to be a patron Saint or not I have no clue. Hopefully it is.

In any case, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (That’s Latin for AWESOME).

But anyway, back to the title- How to Be Pro-Life.

I’m writing this because a lady I know let me know that she had had a miscarriage. The hospital reportedly told her to just “flush it”, which she did. She then told me that she was “over it” and it wasn’t like it was a baby anyway, because it was so small. Then she went on to say that “it” didn’t deserve a burial for that reason, and why would anyone care anyways.

What the hell do you say to all that? I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do, but I did just reiterate that I was sorry for her loss, and that I treasure all people, big or small. Inasmuch as  I could, I tried to let her know that it was okay to grieve. Before some random troll jumps down my throat, she gave every indication of never having been allowed to grieve- she spoke like someone who had been brainwashed, and someone who is very defensive because of guilt that they have carried. *hint: remember that when you go to a clinic, and remember to be patient.*

Obviously, pretty much everyone knows there are two very visible ways to be pro-life. Besides, you know, not being in favor of women choosing to rid themselves of a “useless” little baby. There are prayer vigils and protests. Want to know the difference? Prayer vigils are usually out at the clinic. Protests are usually out in a more public place.

But what if you can’t make it to a prayer vigil? Well first of all I implore you to go out to the prayer vigil. The Devil (otherwise known as Mr. Flea, because I refuse to let refuse like that be referred to as something you could actually respect) will give you literally 100’s of reasons not to go, and when all else fails he’ll use fear. Go anyway. Its just fear, nothing more.

And protests? Well, they’re not for everyone but when you realize how many babies are being murdered, women being killed from “accidents” and how many lives are being ruined by this monster…its not that hard to sacrifice some comfort to go.

However, in both of these cases you may be unable to make it due to finances or to work. (Still try!)

So, what can you do to be Pro-Life?


Step 1) Refuse to accept the craptastic science put out by Planned Parenthood and mislead (or even lying) people out there. If someone tries to tell you that a 10 week old fetus is a blob of cells (yes that one still gets thrown out there) refute it. Take along a “popcorn baby” in your pocket.

Step 2) Men: Speak up. Show your love for kids. Show that you aren’t just into women for sex. Treat women as ladies (even when we’re not being lady-like) try not to look at our boobs (even when some of the girls can’t resist letting the girls out) and make it clear that you will not debase women or yourself by buying into Maxim and Playboy culture. (And stop wearing skinny jeans like a hipster. I’m sure that’s a crime against God. Its written in the Bible somewhere, but a monk may have accidentally blocked it out.)

Step 3) Be happy. Maybe its the whole deep down in the pit of your soul thing, but I’ve noticed that the only laughter coming from the Pro-abortion crowd and the psedo-choice crowd is mocking laughter. There’s no joy to be found. I’m guessing it has nothing to do with fighting on the side of something so incredibly negative.
Step 4) See those parents there, with one kid screaming, the other crying, and another one running circles around like a maniac? Pull out a mirror and check your face. If you’re glaring and expressing disgust, remember it wasn’t long ago where you were all three of those kids. So smile, say hello to the kids, and if you can hold open a door for them. In short, stop treating children like they’re insurmountable obstacles and like they’re highly exitable human beings.

Step 5) Stop using birth control. When sex is used to be both pro-creative and unitative, amazingly babies are no longer seen as only “babies when the mother wants them”. In short, people should realize that the natural end of sex is babies, not just an orgasm.

Step 6) Donate to a women’s shelter. Not, mind you, any shelter that gives money to abortion causes (because frankly I don’t buy the argument that stupid little women like me are just to be used as sperm receptacles, and that my miraculous ability to bear life inside of me is a medical condition instead of a beautiful miracle).

Step 7) Educate yourself! Learn about child development, women’s issues, men’s issues, everything. Then use that.

Step 8) Pray. The Rosary, the Psalms, whatever, just pray. Sometimes it is the only thing that you can do. Offer up to God what is completely out of your control, and even what is in your control.



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8 responses to “How to be Pro-Life

  1. catholic123

    Wonderful Post!
    I would like to add that the March for Life rally in Washington D.C, is coming up and takes place on January 23, 2012. Please come and fight for the unborn or pray for the event to be successful.
    God Bless!

    • Thanks! I won’t be able to make it this year (no money in the bank) but I did go last year with Notre Dame. It was AWESOME. I was so proud of everyone that day and I’ll certainly be praying for everyone involved. I’ll see if I can post a “best of” last year’s March.

      • catholic123

        That would be awesome. This will be my first year going to the March and I am so excited. Also, hablo un poco en espanol pero no lo hablo con fluidez. Mi mama es de Mexico y estoy estudiando espanol en la universidad pero todavia tengo mucho que aprender.

      • !Que bueno! Parece que no hay muchas problemas cuando estás escribiendo. Habla con tu mamá en español- las universidades solamente enseñan español la de europa. Me dijeron muchas mentiras un ejemplo GRANDOTE. !Buena suerte! De dónde es tu mamá? Mr. Serrano y yo estamos considerando a Cuernavaca (vivir) porque no parece tan loco como su estado de Guerrero. Le sigh… the last I knew out in Chilpancingo a student protest turned into police beating the crap out of/curbstomping/ shooting at students. And then a gas station blew up. *(O[]O)*

        Hopefully a year from now things won’t be so crazy.

        If this is your first year you are in for a treat!!! I’m going to have to post a Best Of for last year’s March. It is AMAZING. People were peaceful and its like a big giant Catholic family reunion. Will warn you though, there’s a group out there that does graphic images (big ones) on a huge huge huge billboard. I don’t mind things like that, for the most part, except some advanced warning would have been nice. Every one of the images is stuck in my head, and I can only imagine what it might be like for someone who might actually have witnessed these things when they happened. (A few were genocide photos of places like Rwanda).

  2. catholic123

    Yes, I need to practice speaking with my mom more, but I am lazy if I am not required to pay attention to her like I have to in my classes. And yes, you are right, the Spanish they teach is from Spain. Most of my teachers are Spaniards.

    My mom is from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and because it’s so close to the border it is a very dangerous city with the drug cartels. Since Cuernavaca is further away from the border and more towards the center, it should be safer, but like you said hopefully within a year things will be less crazy.

    Also, thanks for the heads up about the graphic images. It’s nice to be warned.

  3. John

    Thank you for this post, Kat! (May I call you that for short?) The way things are going in my little world, there is a slim to zero chance I will get married and have kids, so it’s difficult for me to get excited about pro-life activities, sad to say. But even this confirmed bachelor can be pro-life in small ways. Thanks for reminding me of that. :)

    • Never say never! Ask Saint Raphael for help. And yep, pro-life activities are for everyone. There’s a lot of little stuff you can do. I think I something over at NCregister that might have had a similar post to mine, only it was much better written. I’ll link when I can.

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