March For Life: Best of, and some advice!

I’ll look up the link later, and link it here, but last year I was blessed and privileged to be able to go to Washington DC for the March for Life. For those who don’t know, March for Life is a memorial and a protest against Roe Vs Wade (by the by, guess who’s pro-life now?) and it is the LARGEST INVISIBLE PROTEST  DC ever sees.

Oh, and apparently with that new NDAA bill, now us pro-lifers are definitely terrorists. I say bring it on. Every time good Christians are persecuted, 10 new ones convert because of that one persecuted Christian. Suck it, Mr. Flea-bag.

Anyways, March for Life:

It was AMAZING. So here are 10 quick things I loved about the March for Life.

  1. 450,000 people and not a riot in sight. Or a news center.
  2.  The Orthodox Rabbis had the coolest Hebrew signs.
  3. We OWNED  the subway.
  4. Not only did we own the subway, we were singing. I especially joined in on “Don’t stop believing”.
  5. I-hop has never seen so many customers. Or so many Catholics. The manager was terrified one night and the next was extremely happy. I swear I saw dollar signs dancing in his eyes.
  6. Speaking of which, its a big, giant, happy Catholic reunion from all over the US and the world.
  7. I met Archbishop Dolan. I didn’t know it was him until I saw his blog. He blessed my Holy Cards. In IHOP. He also told me I talk too much. ^_^
  8. The Basilica Mass. Packed like sardines, smelling anywhere from good to very very very bad, it was a piece of heaven.
  9. Rosaries, balloons, chants, joy- everywhere.
  10. Silent No More. They were awesome.

However, there were some unfortunate circumstances. Luckily, Notre Dame showed some good humor.When “Pro-Choice” “Catholics” and other “Christians” showed up, and thought they could pray the Rosary (what, suddenly Our Lady and Our Lord and Savior are controllable by prayers, and therefore they’ll go back on that whole “thou shall not kill” thing?)  the ND group did some amazing things.

  1. Nothing like emphasizing that Jesus was Jesus in the WOMB of Mary. Its an old term for uterus, oh smart ones.
  2. Nothing like taking the ND banner and sticking it over the “protesters” of us protesters. They get coverage in the media 364 days of the year, and are treated like heroes (warped, I know). They can shut up, and stop pretending to speak for the rest of us for one measly day.

Some advice I have for people heading to DC for the March:

  1. Do NOT give homeless people money. Give food, clothing, whatever, but do NOT give out money. 99% of the time you are NOT helping by giving money.
  2. Speaking of money, things are expensive, especially food. Even BK.
  3. Be prepared to walk. And walk. And walk.
  4. If visiting memorials, keep in mind Lincoln looks A LOT closer than you would think. That wind will get you.
  5. Stay in groups of 3-5, but you don’t need to stay with the same group 24/7. My orginal group was horrible.
  6. Join in the chants. Its fun!
  7. GO TO THE MASS. SERIOUSLY. It is life changing. But get there 3-4 hours before or you will have no room to sit, stand, or breathe.
  8. Speaking of the Basilica, if you can take a  tour through there. If anything will convince you of the universality of the Catholic faith, this place will. It is MASSIVE.
  9. Talk to the nuns.
  10. Talk to the priests. The religious are awesome!

Also, 1 interesting experience.

As I was in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, one man was leading his (Calvinist) students, and mockingly stated that “Catholics actually worship the wafers in that box” or something similar. I kid you not I was sure I heard God say “go and genuflect, right now. Right there.” …I did. Not sure what I could read into the faces of the prof and his students, but God must have been working something.

Also, one last bit of advice.


Especially to Saint Michael, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Gianna. Don’t be afraid to show your adoration for the Blessed Sacrament!





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2 responses to “March For Life: Best of, and some advice!

  1. Yeah, that Archbishop Dolan guy is going to be a Cardinal very soon.

    And you do talk too much. lol But that is why I love you, you verbose Papist. :)

    • Lol I know…Mr. Serrano and I are going to have our interview with Father Don this Monday. Think he’ll understand if one of the reasons why this is the man for me is because he is somehow able to not only withstand, but enjoy my constant chatter (well, most of the time…)? I think its legit.

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