Update: YAY!

Okay, so I’m off to confession but before I went I thought I’d update my blog. So, I got my purple flowers for lent, and a new heading. I’m not particularly in love with the heading (I love the sentiment, but its clashing a bit with the colors and style) so I may see if I could go ahead and make my own version. I borrowed one of the headings over at Saint Peter’s List.

In case you haven’t noticed, American liberties are being raped even more than usual lately. Between internet censorship, the new ability to declare anyone a terrorist (especially us horribly pro-life Christians), and the stupid ObamaCare law that is messing with religious liberty in ways that are more than a tad alarming, I’m quit sick of it all.

Please sign the petition, and remember, if you’re here to troll, I may just let some of your comments on so that people can laugh at you.


PS. I don’t want to go to Confession.

PPS. Father Hippies and Flowers is doing Confessions, and I’m not a fan of his homilies.

PPPS: Father Hippies and Flowers is surprisingly really good at Confessions, and he used to be horrible at it. God works in mysterious, hilarious ways.



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2 responses to “Update: YAY!

  1. “Father Hippies and Flowers?!?!” Who is this?

  2. lamehousewife

    I thought of a story I wanted to share with you after reading one of your previous blogs…There was a young couple who went to my parish: the decided to not have premarital sex or move in together unlike all of their friends. They did this for at least a year before they got married. THEN after they married, all of their friends, now married, have decided to practice NFP, too! Witness is a powerful thing. So not only one couple was helped by this sacrifice but 4 at last count. God bless.

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