Who Am I?

Well, I am Señorita Misteriosa. I am Katoriku, and I like to rant.

I know that many blogs say you should put your real name up, but after doing a google search or two I realized that might be a bit of a hindrance to getting a job.

So forget my name, and focus on who I am.

I am someone who questions, and belongs to a faith that questions. I am obsessed with everything God, and everything His Church. I reverted back in 2007, and my love for the Church and Christ has only grown.

I’m also a monstrous sinner, but I’ll leave all that to the confessional.

I’m in love with Mr. Serrano, a wonderful man going through RCIA and completing his journey into the Catholic faith. He’s amazing, and has shown me a wonderful new way to view the world. I hope to soon be his oppressed woman, wearing my horrid mantilla to Mass as I try in vain to get our 5 hypothetical children to sit still long enough to hear the words of Consecration. I will probably cook for Mr. Serrano, too, although if I end up living in Mexico I probably won’t go barefoot.

Too many freaking scorpions and spiders and God knows what else crawling around. Hello cowboy boots!

I’m irreverent, love studying religions and people, and ramble on. I don’t blog, I essay the crap out of your monitor, and I do it with glee.

I’m a linguist. I study languages- right now I’m into Spanish and Japanese. Sí, de verdad puedo hablar español sin dificultad, aunque soy una güerita. はい、私は日本語を話せます。でも、勉強しなくてはいけません。

I anaylze things very well, although that doesn’t always show in my writing. I am brutally honest, not partial to political correctness (politeness yes)and tend to swear a bit.

Feel free to come to this blog. Here, I rant or muse about all things Catholic, and I also intend that this blog to be read by people who are investigating Mormonism.

If you want to comment, I have a few rules:

1) Be ranty if you like, but no attacking people.

2) Attacking ideas is perfectly fine, but make sure you’ve got facts.

3) Trolling is not allowed. No fly-by screaming that the Virgin Mary was a whore, that the Church is the Whore of Babylon, or that I’m a stupid religionist that needs to go abort myself, and that I’m a woman-hating gay-bashing bigot who’s probably racist, no matter who I intend on marrying. Mmmm k, class?

4) Please try not to make your comments into blog posts. I’m guilty of this one, but lets aim for not more than 3 paragraphs.

5) Be honest. If you’re Catholic, state it. If you’re Atheist, state it. If you’re Mormon, state it. Do not try to pass yourself off as some other religion, because chances are good that I’ll sniff you out. My bullshit detector works great, especially when certain religions have high frequency words that definitely point to a particular orientation.

6) Have fun! Question everything!


5 responses to “Who Am I?

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  2. David

    Mantillas are not horrid, they’re beautiful. Do it like our Blessed Mother!

  3. I WANT A NEW POST, WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!111!!!1!11!!1!1!!!1!1

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