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March For Life: Best of, and some advice!

I’ll look up the link later, and link it here, but last year I was blessed and privileged to be able to go to Washington DC for the March for Life. For those who don’t know, March for Life is a memorial and a protest against Roe Vs Wade (by the by, guess who’s pro-life now?) and it is the LARGEST INVISIBLE PROTEST  DC ever sees.

Oh, and apparently with that new NDAA bill, now us pro-lifers are definitely terrorists. I say bring it on. Every time good Christians are persecuted, 10 new ones convert because of that one persecuted Christian. Suck it, Mr. Flea-bag.

Anyways, March for Life:

It was AMAZING. So here are 10 quick things I loved about the March for Life.

  1. 450,000 people and not a riot in sight. Or a news center.
  2.  The Orthodox Rabbis had the coolest Hebrew signs.
  3. We OWNED  the subway.
  4. Not only did we own the subway, we were singing. I especially joined in on “Don’t stop believing”.
  5. I-hop has never seen so many customers. Or so many Catholics. The manager was terrified one night and the next was extremely happy. I swear I saw dollar signs dancing in his eyes.
  6. Speaking of which, its a big, giant, happy Catholic reunion from all over the US and the world.
  7. I met Archbishop Dolan. I didn’t know it was him until I saw his blog. He blessed my Holy Cards. In IHOP. He also told me I talk too much. ^_^
  8. The Basilica Mass. Packed like sardines, smelling anywhere from good to very very very bad, it was a piece of heaven.
  9. Rosaries, balloons, chants, joy- everywhere.
  10. Silent No More. They were awesome.

However, there were some unfortunate circumstances. Luckily, Notre Dame showed some good humor.When “Pro-Choice” “Catholics” and other “Christians” showed up, and thought they could pray the Rosary (what, suddenly Our Lady and Our Lord and Savior are controllable by prayers, and therefore they’ll go back on that whole “thou shall not kill” thing?)  the ND group did some amazing things.

  1. Nothing like emphasizing that Jesus was Jesus in the WOMB of Mary. Its an old term for uterus, oh smart ones.
  2. Nothing like taking the ND banner and sticking it over the “protesters” of us protesters. They get coverage in the media 364 days of the year, and are treated like heroes (warped, I know). They can shut up, and stop pretending to speak for the rest of us for one measly day.

Some advice I have for people heading to DC for the March:

  1. Do NOT give homeless people money. Give food, clothing, whatever, but do NOT give out money. 99% of the time you are NOT helping by giving money.
  2. Speaking of money, things are expensive, especially food. Even BK.
  3. Be prepared to walk. And walk. And walk.
  4. If visiting memorials, keep in mind Lincoln looks A LOT closer than you would think. That wind will get you.
  5. Stay in groups of 3-5, but you don’t need to stay with the same group 24/7. My orginal group was horrible.
  6. Join in the chants. Its fun!
  7. GO TO THE MASS. SERIOUSLY. It is life changing. But get there 3-4 hours before or you will have no room to sit, stand, or breathe.
  8. Speaking of the Basilica, if you can take a  tour through there. If anything will convince you of the universality of the Catholic faith, this place will. It is MASSIVE.
  9. Talk to the nuns.
  10. Talk to the priests. The religious are awesome!

Also, 1 interesting experience.

As I was in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, one man was leading his (Calvinist) students, and mockingly stated that “Catholics actually worship the wafers in that box” or something similar. I kid you not I was sure I heard God say “go and genuflect, right now. Right there.” …I did. Not sure what I could read into the faces of the prof and his students, but God must have been working something.

Also, one last bit of advice.


Especially to Saint Michael, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Gianna. Don’t be afraid to show your adoration for the Blessed Sacrament!





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How to be Pro-Life

First, let me just shout this out right now: Blessed Kateri is going to be canonized to SAINT KATERI!!! !Aleluya! She just happens to be my Confirmation Saint…whether or not its legit for a Blessed to be a patron Saint or not I have no clue. Hopefully it is.

In any case, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (That’s Latin for AWESOME).

But anyway, back to the title- How to Be Pro-Life.

I’m writing this because a lady I know let me know that she had had a miscarriage. The hospital reportedly told her to just “flush it”, which she did. She then told me that she was “over it” and it wasn’t like it was a baby anyway, because it was so small. Then she went on to say that “it” didn’t deserve a burial for that reason, and why would anyone care anyways.

What the hell do you say to all that? I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do, but I did just reiterate that I was sorry for her loss, and that I treasure all people, big or small. Inasmuch as  I could, I tried to let her know that it was okay to grieve. Before some random troll jumps down my throat, she gave every indication of never having been allowed to grieve- she spoke like someone who had been brainwashed, and someone who is very defensive because of guilt that they have carried. *hint: remember that when you go to a clinic, and remember to be patient.*

Obviously, pretty much everyone knows there are two very visible ways to be pro-life. Besides, you know, not being in favor of women choosing to rid themselves of a “useless” little baby. There are prayer vigils and protests. Want to know the difference? Prayer vigils are usually out at the clinic. Protests are usually out in a more public place.

But what if you can’t make it to a prayer vigil? Well first of all I implore you to go out to the prayer vigil. The Devil (otherwise known as Mr. Flea, because I refuse to let refuse like that be referred to as something you could actually respect) will give you literally 100’s of reasons not to go, and when all else fails he’ll use fear. Go anyway. Its just fear, nothing more.

And protests? Well, they’re not for everyone but when you realize how many babies are being murdered, women being killed from “accidents” and how many lives are being ruined by this monster…its not that hard to sacrifice some comfort to go.

However, in both of these cases you may be unable to make it due to finances or to work. (Still try!)

So, what can you do to be Pro-Life?


Step 1) Refuse to accept the craptastic science put out by Planned Parenthood and mislead (or even lying) people out there. If someone tries to tell you that a 10 week old fetus is a blob of cells (yes that one still gets thrown out there) refute it. Take along a “popcorn baby” in your pocket.

Step 2) Men: Speak up. Show your love for kids. Show that you aren’t just into women for sex. Treat women as ladies (even when we’re not being lady-like) try not to look at our boobs (even when some of the girls can’t resist letting the girls out) and make it clear that you will not debase women or yourself by buying into Maxim and Playboy culture. (And stop wearing skinny jeans like a hipster. I’m sure that’s a crime against God. Its written in the Bible somewhere, but a monk may have accidentally blocked it out.)

Step 3) Be happy. Maybe its the whole deep down in the pit of your soul thing, but I’ve noticed that the only laughter coming from the Pro-abortion crowd and the psedo-choice crowd is mocking laughter. There’s no joy to be found. I’m guessing it has nothing to do with fighting on the side of something so incredibly negative.
Step 4) See those parents there, with one kid screaming, the other crying, and another one running circles around like a maniac? Pull out a mirror and check your face. If you’re glaring and expressing disgust, remember it wasn’t long ago where you were all three of those kids. So smile, say hello to the kids, and if you can hold open a door for them. In short, stop treating children like they’re insurmountable obstacles and like they’re highly exitable human beings.

Step 5) Stop using birth control. When sex is used to be both pro-creative and unitative, amazingly babies are no longer seen as only “babies when the mother wants them”. In short, people should realize that the natural end of sex is babies, not just an orgasm.

Step 6) Donate to a women’s shelter. Not, mind you, any shelter that gives money to abortion causes (because frankly I don’t buy the argument that stupid little women like me are just to be used as sperm receptacles, and that my miraculous ability to bear life inside of me is a medical condition instead of a beautiful miracle).

Step 7) Educate yourself! Learn about child development, women’s issues, men’s issues, everything. Then use that.

Step 8) Pray. The Rosary, the Psalms, whatever, just pray. Sometimes it is the only thing that you can do. Offer up to God what is completely out of your control, and even what is in your control.


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Undercover Fiancee, Hypothetical Kids, and Education

I am an undercover fiancee. However, I blow my cover all the time- to the wrong people. I tell the internet, my hair stylist, my friends, and random strangers on the bus that I’m getting married.

We are saving money, and have even transferred it to a bank account.

All of Mexico probably already knows.

The police even know.

But my entire family does not- most especially my parents in particular.

Ohhh don’t get me wrong. I’m sure they know unofficially- I’ve been dating Mr. Serrano for 3 years now, and its obvious we love each other. So it probably won’t come as a surprise- or will it?

The thing is, I think I tell everyone but them right now because its like some sort of a confession. I feel guilty, I feel like I should be able to tell them everything, and I know some people consider me to be some sort of sniveling little child for failing to do so. (I’m looking at *you* Office Queen). As fast as I announce my marriage, I follow it up immediately with the obligatory information that my family doesn’t know.

And the thing is, with a normal family this is something that I would have told months ago. Mr. Serrano and I would both love to break the silence, and announce our engagement. In a normal family, this would work out.

But I don’t have a normal family. I have an emotionally abusive mother who was physically abusive in the past, and Hell itself will either freeze or thaw before she finally admits even to herself that she was so. I have a father that is submissive, and follows that carrot of sanity dangled on a stick- he hopes and hopes that someone, something will save her, be it the Mormons or psychiatric drugs. Both of them feed off of misery and stress, and I honestly think that they don’t see themselves as living if they aren’t suffering.

People wonder why I can be so negative. My family is the answer. Its rather difficult to develop positive views when you’re constantly bombarded with negative ones, even the negative ones that are dressed up to look positive. People wonder why I can laugh at absolutely anything- again, my family is the answer. If all your positives were negatives in disguise, you’d have to grab a sense of humor to survive.

If I were to tell my parents right now, they’d have very good reasons against getting married. Financial stability would be a major roadblock, and it is a major roadblock, and it would be brought up. I’m still living with these people! The reasons wouldn’t be too far off. For some people, I could see how it would worry them that Mr. Serrano is my first long-term relationship. I wouldn’t agree (seriously, do I need to try every flavor in the ice-cream shop to know that chocolate covered lemon in a small cone with rootbeer is my favorite?) but I could see the reasoning.

What I would not be able to handle would be the constant flow of negativity. I will never make my parents happy. At least, I will never please them if I follow my heart. I know that they will criticize everything down to how much I pay for a dress to the fact that I haven’t had sex yet (although I’ve purposely made suspicious noises which has taken off the pressure slightly). The more I discern marriage, the more I realize that my values are completely different from my parents’.

I believe in waiting for sex until marriage, marrying in the Church, that marriage is actually worth something, and that I shouldn’t limit the number of children I have by using contraception. I believe in marrying sooner rather than later, that marriage is a spiritual partnership, that the man is the head of household, and that my worth has nothing to do with the dollar signs I trail behind my name. I believe that unlike my parents, Mr. Serrano and I are going about this the right way. We are discerning, talking, discussing children, finances, education, religion, and family.

We are not screwing like bunnies, making “oopsies” and then discussing those things well after conception has occurred. We’re doing pretty damn well, although I honestly would appreciate advice. Can’t say I’ll follow it, but food for the brain is delicious to the soul. I know that on some level, my parents are just wanting the best for me, but the way it comes out is often patronizing, and quite frankly humiliating.

So, hopefully, Mr. Serrano and I will announce it this July or December- whichever month has at least one of us living on our own. Who knows, I might be a bad Catholic and co-habit with him.  I would rather not, but if the fallout from announcing something that should be joyful proves more nuclear than squee, living with Mr. Serrano might not be such a bad idea. I really hope that its not a sin… Mr. Serrano and I won’t be having sex…but I will be saving my sanity. I suppose we could even have separate rooms, and introduce someone else to the house so that there is more accountability (and less rent to pay).

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Retards: Identification and Classification

As I said before, retards are easy to find. The trick is not to spot one, because frankly you can throw a rock in any direction in any populated place and chances are you would murder the crap out of him or her.

But how do you classify these easily found retards? The answer is found in these questions:

  1. How profound is the retardation?
  2. Is it temporary, or permanent?
  3. Is it life threatening, frustrating, merely annoying, or easily ignorable?

Let’s cover #1- Some retards aren’t as retarded as others. In fact, some retards are selectively retarded. A great example of selective retards are those who are only retarded when drunk, or who occasionally do something so retarded they are remembered years afterward. These types of people are only mildly retarded, and can be found in random places.

However, profound retardation is much more frustrating to deal with. Those with profound retardation often inexplicably end up in positions of power. Perhaps the monster is your boss, your professor, a politician, or the leader of your country. While they might be verbally quite advanced, when it comes to thinking, common sense, and basic existence they are retards. For example, we have a President that seems to think socialism/communism works. Never mind that there isn’t a single incidence of that actually working for longer than it takes for all the money to run out- he thinks it works. (But makes damn sure he doesn’t call it that…). Or, you could have the President of another country, namely Mexico, who goes on international television to proclaim that all of Mexico’s problems are results of the US. Or, you could just have that one stupid professor who consistently grades you not on you merits but on A) How well you can kiss ass, B) How sycophantic you can become, C) How well you can kiss ass, D) How well you can kiss ass.

For question #2) things get tricky.

Retardation can be temporary- for example, some people are only retarded as soon as they get into their cars and drive. These retards make the world difficult for others by doing things like talking on the phone while driving, texting while driving, cutting you off, attempting to cut you off, tailgaiting, or in general just acting like an asshole. Luckily, once they get out of the vehicle, they lose their retardation, and gain a brain. Hurrah.

Permanent retardation, on the other hand, is often profound and consistent. Permanent retards seem to be found in academia, or positions of authority- for example police. They’re the teachers who yell at 7 year olds because the poor kid is too entrenched in poverty to bring a jacket to school, the professors with tenure who spend a language class bitching about their man troubles (and glorifying feminism, liberalism, and whatever other ism that is in vogue), or the average freshman who will tell you to go vote but won’t actually do it his or herself.

Unfortunately, many police seem to be in the permanently retarded category. While there are smart policemen, they seem to be in the minority.These are the idiots out in BFE who follow behind tailgate with their high beams boring a hole in your skull, then pull you over and make cute remarks about Taco Bell…but it has nothing to do with your obviously Mexican boyfriend riding with you. Examples of the profound retardation of many police can be found here:

Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C

#3 is very important when considering HOW to deal with a retard. The more power that a retard has, the more that retard will annoy you. Conversely, the less power a retard has, the more the retard will try to get noticed. Maybe its the 89% of people at NPR, that stupid freshman who wants to be “edgy” by wearing black, disrespecting profs, and generally just being an idiot, or maybe its that one old redneck who bitches and moans about all “them damn Mexicans comin’ cross and stealin’ all our jobs” as he stinks up the place with the stench of booze, unwashed arse, and idiocy.

All retards are annoying but some you can ignore. The redneck? Ignore. The freshman? She’ll drop out. NPR? Just point and laugh. Obama? Don’t be such a retard and next time don’t vote him in. Until then….

Remember that you can’t legally kill retards, that stupidity is still not against any law (other than sanity) and that sometimes, the retard is the one holding your check.

If you’re feeling inundated with retards lately…feel free to blog.

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The Power of Images

Right now there is a huge ongoing debate within the pro-life community concerning (warning)  “Graphic Images”. These images, which definitely qualify as graphic, usually show exactly what an abortion is. They show it in all of the blood, gore, and heartbreak that is abortion.

Basically, there are two camps, and as usual, I’m in neither of these camps. I will say I find it highly ridiculous, however, that “graphic” is only really applied to abortion in these times, but maybe that’s because showing the violence of Darfur has become too easy for us to ignore on this side of the television.

Camp 1: Graphic Images are tasteless, and induce guilt into the people who have had abortions. They’re often gory, and show things that no child should ever see, which would be likely if these are set up publicly. We have to use a softer method to fight abortion. Many people are already desensitized to violence, so why would they even care?

Camp 2: Graphic Images are disgusting! But so are the images of other horrible events during history. We must show these pictures so that people may wake up, and realize what it is that they’ve been supporting. People must realize that this is a real holocaust, and that it is attacking women and children- just like any other act of war.

Most don’t know this, but my Grandma often had pictures of fetal development and abortion up on her walls. I remember once that my mother asked that she remove them. I think my grandma once tried to explain them to me, but honestly I didn’t pay any attention as they were set up pretty high. Even if I had, I’m not sure how much affect they would have had on me- I literally have an absence of the fear of death, and while I can feel very sad for the people who have died, I’m horrified more by the fact of how they died rather than that they died.

To me, death is natural- but the ways to death are not always so.

I can sympathize with both camps- I agree that the pictures are tasteless, and often wielded by some of the more crazy flavors of people. But…I have to say that in the end, I support the right to show these pictures. Firstly because I’m a big fan of free speech, and secondly because I do think that some people, when confronted, will wake up and realize the horror of what they have supported for so long. Or at least I hope so.

But then I think of the people who were forced to go into the camps at places like Auschwitz and Dachau and bury the bodies of the many dead, and to see how Jews, Poles, and anyone who got on the wrong side of Hitler had starved. I remember the film I watched at one museum here in the US- the way so few of the Germans even seemed to care. I wish I could say that they were all just shocked, but honestly…ASH from the BODIES of these Jews and political prisoners had been raining on them with REGULARITY.

There weren’t any tears, in fact, I saw some glances that definitely had the haughty air of one caught doing something wrong who exclaims, “what of it?”

And then I think of Imaculeé’s book, where she and the other women she had been hiding with were brought out of the bathroom they had been hiding in at a pastor’s house. They were all starved, smelled horribly, and looked like ghosts. But there was still one of the pastor’s children who didn’t care- he still supported murdering Tutsis, even if (perhaps especially if?) he didn’t do it himself.

I wish I could say with certainty that I totally support these pictures because I know they work, but I don’t know if they do. I think the people they do work with have to be people who are open to the truth. Look at abortion “doctors”. They kill every single day, they literally get blood on their hands every single day, and they know the true development stages of a baby.

Yet they never stop. 30 abortions in one day is nothing to them. They see what they do, and yet they don’t.

They aren’t open to the truth- they have shut themselves out of it as neatly and tightly as possible. Because the second one entertains a truly free thought about what one is actually doing invites economic, political, and emotional disaster.

But I still support showing of “graphic images”. I don’t have nearly the same qualms about showing Holocaust pictures, or pictures of slaves, or of the Rwandan Genocide- abortion is just another holocaust. The only difference is that this time, its much quieter and much more intelligent.

You know, I had always asked myself what I would do if I had lived during WW2 or during slavery time. I’m still struggling with that. For now, I pray and write, and hope people stumble upon this. Hopefully someday I will counsel…

But this enemy is much worse than the Nazis. This enemy is the current frame of mind that people around the world are sharing, and its much harder to fight half-thought ideas and half-truths than it is to fight a bunch of brutes in stupid uniforms.

I believe we have to use whatever tools we have to break through that haze (and it is a haze) of rose-colored thoughts.

Oh, and for the few people who stumble upon this blog and feel the need to jump to retarded conclusions- um no. Not advocating terrorism here. The liberals do plenty enough of it to last quite a long while.



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Ranting, Rejoicing, Observing

I’ve had a recent spike to like, oh I don’t know, maybe 15 people. 15 whole people!! WOW! And I wondered, why are these people visiting here so much when before I’d get like…2…in a week?

All I can say is…for shame you little perverts. For shame. You looked up this post thinking I was going to write about losing my virginity with all the titillating details. Heheheee…guess that backfired, didn’t it?

So maybe I’m just going to start putting in tags and categories about hardcore porn. Oh, and other people were searching for Black Jesus.

*sigh* NOT that it ACTUALLY  matters, but Jesus probably wasn’t Black. Or Swedish. No, being Jewish by blood, he probably looked….Jewish, Semitic even… And no, Mary wasn’t black either…the Black Madonna is black for an entirely different reason, and she has appeared to people as whatever race or nationality she’s trying to get a message across to, further underscoring that:


That is my rant for today. Just sick of the people who are “insulted” when God doesn’t fit into whatever ethnic box they’d like to package him in – be it Jewish, Black, or White as white can be.

All that aside, I have something awesome to say.

It turns out on Wednesday that there were 2 turn arounds!!!! 2!!! 2 women changed their minds at the abortion clinic, and chose to not kill the life within them, to not send themselves down a very hard, tragic, and devastating path.

2 women!!!! I was there to see the last one, although I wasn’t sure if it was her or not, so I didn’t want to assume. Yesterday, I got confirmation that there had, indeed, been a second woman who decided not to.

Perhaps I had better start from the beginning. So, I joined other people on Wednesday on the sidewalk outside 320 Fulton. The weather was HORRIBLE yet beautiful. It was raining those big heavy drops that weigh what seems like 12 pounds, and even though it was close to noon the place looked like night.

There was a protester this time, a young man about my age, carrying a sign saying we’re harassing people, and abortion should be safe and legal. The usual. Luckily he wasn’t up to shouting at us, but just tried to look stern as he blasted Michael Jackson out of his ancient pocket radio. (There’s going to be an observation later about this man, and society in general…)

So we took our places and began to pray the rosary underneath our umbrellas, and we get the news that earlier, a woman had come over to the wall and had talked with our counselors.

I should explain about this wall- the “clinic” is set into one of the hills of Grand Rapids, and has a street entrance and a back entrance where people park. While the building has one floor clearly above ground, the parking lot is recessed into the hill. Its technically above ground, but you can’t see the parking lot easily from street level.

Right next to the clinic is a post-abortion retreat house run by a pro-life group, which is aimed at helping women to heal after an abortion- it has counselors, beds, kitchens, you name it, it has it, and its very tastefully done. I took a tour there and I have to say it is one of those places you feel that you could go to heal- and that even in a group you’re afforded privacy. (Man have I some observations about that one, too…)

I think that if the “clinic” hadn’t designed their building to have the recessed parking lot with a giant wall in between them and the rest of the world, they certainly chose it with this in mind.

Anyway, the woman who was coming to abort walked up to the wall between the two properties, desiring to talk with the counselors. The young man protesting did his damndest as we often say, to make sure that she couldn’t talk to the counselor- physically coming between the two.

I guess I heard he did the same with the second woman as well. But in the end, both of these women heard what the counselors had to say (there’s financial help, women’s shelters, you name it we have a little of everything) and both of these women decided not to abort their children.

Even though so many other women have, and continue to do it, REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD! That is at least 4 lives not devastated, maybe possibly even 6!

And you know what I saw as the last woman was leaving the clinic? She was smiling. SMILING. You never see a genuine smile on the faces of women who go through with the abortion after they get out. Afteward, they’re full of pain and anguish and its obvious.

What an amazing thing, that inspite of all that evil going on that day, some good came out of it.

And now for Observations.

  1. On that last Wednesday, as I gathered with all the other people with their Rosaries out, I felt almost like I was in church. You had music, prayer, and people gathered together. But it struck me how odd that it seemed a parody of church. The music, although catchy, was cacophonous because it competed with the sound of women (and a couple of men) praying. It was also incongruous. Every woman coming into that clinic looked dejected, resigned, hopeless, and sad. A few looked angry. And here was this young man protester, blasting out the happiest music! There was even some Soul, which normally makes me happy. You can feel the sadness radiating from this place, and you can feel the hatred directed at you as you pray.There was no love, except what the group of people shared. There was hate, cacophony, and a sickening feeling even as I rejoiced that one woman had turned away. It occurred to me then that abortion clinics are Satan’s cathedrals.

    No, I’m not attempting melodrama, or going off on a “I am a praya warriah!” spiral into insanity, I really mean this. Look- there’s all the images of a church- music, prayer, emotion. But the music doesn’t soothe, the prayer is drowned out (although, seriously dude, do you think our God will not hear us?) and the emotions are all negative except for those of us dissenters. Even then, its hard to keep a happy heart. There’s no love, just hate radiating from that non-descript building.

  2. Observing the young man, I find that he represents something very screwed up in our society. For one thing, he is a man advocating for abortion, when more and more women are coming out against it. This is not the stereotype I grew up with. For another, and on a grander scale, he represents something deeply wrong about all society that accepts abortion. He claims he wants abortion to be “safe”. SAFE? Even if you take away the fact that another human being is being killed, Abortion is not safe at all. The instruments are not often clean and sterile! Pieces of the fetus often end up floating around in the womb, causing septic infections! And then cancer rates go up! Not only that, but no matter what type of abortion you have, the chances of a future miscarriage skyrocket! And don’t get me started on the psychological issues that CAN and WILL happen.
  3. Something else the behavior of the young man pointed out to me is that for a society that pays so much lip service to “choosing” (and nobody likes to elaborate what choosing means) they do their damndest to make sure that there is no choice. How many times have you heard that mantra? You know what, for many women, there really is no other choice that they can perceive, because for one thing, we’ve been brainwashed into believing that there is no choice! And when we try to choose, when we try to become informed, we have organizations like Planned Parenthood lying about the basic development stages of a baby! Because, after all, a person couldn’t possibly be tiny. No, must be a friggin alien hiding in your womb. Worse even than this dishonesty, access is blocked to pro-life organizations. Access is blocked to other information, or any true information for that matter. Ever wonder why there are so few pregnancy shelters for women who are struggling? Funds are blocked! And for what? So that women can have a choice. Really? Really? You take away our women’s shelters, you don’t provide help to struggling families, you make it clear that you will fire us if we become pregnant, and mothers everywhere are treated to derision and disrespect. How the hell is that a real choice??? That young man DID HIS DAMNDEST to block access of 2 women to counselors, simply because they were pro-life. He shouted. He intimidated. He harassed. We prayed. WE counseled.
  4. Another observation, especially after speaking with post-abortive women, is that that “clinic” that cathedral of Satan, is there to kill a child, and nothing more. The doctor is cold, methodical, and does not care about the women after its done. They have had numerous botched abortions, just like any other clinic, they do not sterilize well, and they certainly do not provide sufficient medical help after the abortion. According to one post-abortive woman who I read about, she was not even offered a ride home, EVEN AFTER SHE BEGGED. There is no mention of psychological help after abortion, there is no real counseling. The “counseling” consists of getting this or that woman to believe its her only ‘choice”. After they have your money, and have done the procedure, its done. They know that they aren’t really a hospital, so why bother with healing?
  5. Finally, I notice that the women who do change their minds have a smile on their face. Its a nervous one, a shell-shocked one, but its a genuine one as well. It isn’t merely a stretching of the muscles and skin- there is light again behind the eyes. The women who go in, who don’t change their minds, walk in with no hope, just despair, anger, and sometimes hatred. And they come out even more defeated, exhausted, despairing, ach ing. And there is not a single “pro-choice” organization that helps them after.

Its ridiculous, sad, and horrifying. The majority of these women do not want abortions, but instead are coerced by family, friends, schools, and societies, not to mention doctors! The vast majority of these women think that this is their only choice! And its no wonder! Its what we’ve been told.

But here’s the thing, and I hear it all the time- ” But there aren’t enough women’s shelters. You guys only care about the baby not being aborted. Why don’t you do more?”

Let me tell you-

We are doing all that our little minority can! Yes, there are hundreds of millions of problems we need to deal with so get off your ass and actually help, damnit! Seriously! You want to cite the wreck that is the adoption system as why we “need” abortion? And then you want to tell me that you wish abortions would go down? Start writing letters, protesting, doing everything you can to reform that system!! You want to cite that pregnant women can’t get ahead in the work force, that we’ll all just be fired? Get up off your arse and change the law! If it used to be that women couldn’t hold jobs, and now we can what the hell is stopping us for lobbying for the rights of woman at all her stages of life??? You want to cite any number of other issues that you think make us need abortion?

Here’s a novel idea! Quit whining. Get informed. Get off your arse. AND HELP US OUT FOR GOD’S SAKE!
We’re doing all that we can, but until everyone gets up and does something there is only so much we can humanly do!!!

MEN- step up and be a man! You played an adult game, now you have adult consequences. Be a father!

Women- start listening to your heart, and to hell with everyone else!

Parents: Don’t you dare disown your daughter because of this. Make it clear that she is your daughter, whatever she does, and that every family member is loved! That includes the fetus, which is LATIN FOR BABY!!

Churches: Catholic or Protestant, I’m seeing some disturbing trends. Stop pussyfooting over “controversial”, stop being such cowards, get out there, proclaim the truth, AND SUPPORT SINGLE PARENTS OR HELL, EVEN REGULAR FAMILIES!!

most of all: churches, priests, pastors- don’t waffle on the truth, but don’t waffle on the merciful part of truth either.

And for everyone- quitcherbitchin and actually do something. That includes you, Mr. I-think-a-radio-has-the-power-to-drown-out-prayers.

Again… you think our God can’t hear us because of a radio?

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Wednesday is Pray at the Abortion Clinic Day

Little by little I’m throwing caution to my paranoid winds, and opening up about where I’m from and who I am. Please dear God don’t let this lead to me being arrested or fired from my job…

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, there is an abortion clinic at 320 Fulton. Its not backed by Planned Parenthood, but they do perform abortions there. And Wednesday is one of those days that they perform abortions.

During 40 days for life, I go with other people to pray at the clinic. Every Wednesday.

One day, we saw a man pushing his girlfriend in, telling her not to look at the people praying. (Technically, its a protest, but we don’t carry signs, and there is no shouting. Prayer only, and only the sidewalk counselors are allowed to talk, because they’ve actually been trained as counselors.) He was angry, she was crying and scared, and he shoved her in.

One day, I saw a woman who worked there poke out from behind the curtains, smile, and wave. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a distorted smile- it was frightening, and made me sick to my stomach. I had to cross myself. I don’t think I’ve ever had that reaction with anyone else, and honestly I don’t even think it was her. It was like the Devil stood next to her, mocking me.

Today, I saw this young girl walk in with her friend, scared. And for some reason today I couldn’t pray very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Devil whispering in my ear, telling me that there is no hope for her or the baby (fetus is Latin for baby), that all my prayers are useless, and what can a sinful person like me expect to do. Why would God listen to me, the woman currently covered in mortal sin?

Sometimes, I get so angry. I want to scream at that boyfriend- YOU GO BE A REAL MAN, and don’t pressure this girl to do something that horrible to herself and another human being. Step up and help them both! Grow a pair!

I want to unleash whatever little power God will allow directly at the Devil, and literally beat the shit out of him. I want to go Saint Leutfridus on his butt, close him up in a chapel, and cane him until he never sets foot outside of hell again.

I want to yell to the sweet young girl that came in this morning, and say “I will be your godmother for your child!! Do you have any idea what that means in Catholicism? That means I will be the second mom to your child, and it means I will be your sister for life!”

I want to open my mouth and scream, without words, the type of scream that rips the universe apart, for all the lives and souls being lost in that damned building, for all the hate being engendered there.

I want to take my fingers and pry open the eyes of every single person who has blinded themselves to the truth- that that is a LIFE, a CHILD, and that the answer to everything is not death.

But there is that tiny voice, telling me that all will be okay, that God does and will speak to the hearts of those “doctors”, the women, the boyfriends, mothers, grandmothers, and todos los demas and even if I don’t see it- it does help.

The women who have been in this movement for a while told me that they know of at least 50 people over the past few years who must have heard the voice of God- they turned away and did not abort their children and scar themselves for life. That’s at this one building, and while other abortions do happen, and while I wish that I could see with my own eyes people turning away-

I will have faith in the power of prayer. I will hope.

Oh, and here’s a neat thing about going from pro-choice to pro-life, by one of my favorite bloggers:

Conversion Diary

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