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My Golden Wedding Band…

Well, actually that has yet to come! However, Mr. Serrano finally formally proposed to me, ring and all, after months of pestering. I will remember his proposal forever…especially as it had 3 stages:

  1. Propose over Skype while I’m in Japan. I think he’s joking (we’d only been going out a few months). He pretty much blocked it from his memory, but when I realized that it was not a joke, and stopped laughing, all I could think was  “Yes”.
  2. While relaxing at one of the Mexican festivals in our area, in the ambiance of music, food, laughter, and the beer tent, he casually looked at me and asked if I would like a party like that for my wedding. My jaw dropped, time stood still, I grinned, and the answer was “Yes” again.
  3. Finally, after months going on years of pestering about a formal proposal, because I’m itching to show that its official, and after planning our announcement to my parents, we go and buy the ring. I pick out 3 rings I like, and he secretly picks the one he likes among them all. Then, at the classiest establishment known to Earth, Texas Roadhouse, he proposed. Formally. The song “On the Road Again” was playing, and peanuts littered the floor.I could not ask for a better formal proposal. I laughed and joked, saying…”Nahhhhh”, and eventually “caved”. The entire 3 steps of Proposal were awesome.

I have to say, Mr. Serrano picked out the ring I liked best (he has good taste, and what’s more he saw my eyes go round when I saw it). It also didn’t cost too much. Its simple, elegant, and made of silver and diamonds (I’m a silver kind of gal). What I like most about it is the symbolism I can read into it.

The ring twists in a figure eight, the number of infinity, eternity, and the Virgin Mary. Its also my personal good luck number. 3 diamonds symbolize the Holy Trinity- Father, Son, Holy Spirit- all encircled in one loop. 3 more tiny diamonds on one side and 3 tiny diamonds on the other join the Trinity stones to make the number 7- completeness and holiness. And then you have all the other awesome symbols of the ring that are more traditional!

We’ve been planning on how to tell my parents for months, and we’ve finally decided on next weekend. I honestly don’t know how it is going to go. My family seem to like him, and don’t seem too racist, but one of my worries is that they’ll accept him- because now he’s getting rid of the useless daughter for them. I’d hate for that to be the reason, but I guess its better than trying to actively destroy our relationship.

Time will tell. Hopefully all goes well. And, true to my Catholic revert self, I’ve got to go see about getting this doohicky blessed! Not only that, but now I get to search for a wedding band for Mr. Serrano…that is going to be fun. He, apparently, is a gold man, so we aren’t going to match. OH NO! So far our marriage is breaking every one of society’s stupid rules, which puts me in a great mood. ^_^



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