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This one might come as a shock to some of you who know me. I mean, I’m all pro-life, sick of contraception and its stupid culture, and ranting about unleashing my Catholic mini-minions upon the world as I laugh in the face of Planned Barrenhood. (Oh yeah, I just cliched that sentence to alarming levels. Kewl.)

However, in spite of all that, I’ve been a little terrified of actually having babies. No, not the physical act. That’s scary, but my body was made to do that. Biology is yucky, and that’s why I’m not a scientist. (that and my infernal arch nemesis, aka mathematics).

Nope, what I’m terrified of is having a baby, like RIGHT on the wedding night, BOOM I’m preggers. This could be because of the messages I’m getting from friends, family (the same ones that said I should “let loose” or rather, have lots of “protected” sex) and the culture around me. Here’s a few things that have been bouncing in my head for years, and have been repeated to me as soon as I mention I’m getting married.

  2. Don’t have babies in the first two years, spend the time “getting to know each other”.
  3. Wait to have kids, or you’re an idiot.
  4. Don’t have kids at all, they’ll ruin your bank and relationship.
  5. If you are constantly getting pregnant, no employer will hire you.
  6. Children are too expensive omg!!!
  7. Wait until you’re financially secure, with a good job, possibly tenure at some place, and when the stars align in the third ring of Jupiter’s uncle’s mother’s sister’s great auntie, then you can have kids.

So, in desperation, I turned to prayer. I say desperation, because I’m a stubborn individualist. I think sometimes God is amused, but other times he just sits and sighs. After a while, God got some reason through to me and helped me figure out a few things.

  1. Its not kids that ruined your marriage, its you and your husband/wife. Kids don’t ask to be conceived, they don’t choose their parents, and they cannot possibly handle all of your adult problems. Simply put, quit projecting your marital problems on *me* and your own kids!
  2. “Getting to know each other” is just your way of saying “use birth control”. I can think of no better way to quickly know your spouse than pregnancy, and no better way to deny your spouse than using some messed up hormonal pill or a condom that apparently doesn’t feel so good. Holy crap, I just want to have some natural sex. Can’t you supposedly “organic” snooty people let me have some wholesome, natural, organic, sex?
  3. Kids don’t cost so much if you wouldn’t buy designer clothes they’ll never appreciate or want. At this point, you’re spoiling yourself on vanity.
  4. If an employer will discriminate against you for being a pregnant woman, your employer is a pig. A sexist one. That employer will probably also try to get you to choose some company that will lay you off quicker than you can say “unfair labor practices” over your family.
  5. There is no right time to have a kid, in our own time. However, in God’s time, the time to have a kid is always perfect. 

I kid you not, I’m not nearly so nervous about the idea as I was before. Getting pregnant soon into my marriage will be difficult, but pregnancy is difficult. And I’m not kidding about the raw sex. The more I learn about condoms and birth control, the more I really don’t like them. If I’m going to sit here and insist on real glass for my drinks, and avoid teflon, and try to buy local with my fruits and veggies and what-not, why the HELL would I take a birth control pill and screw up my hormones? As far as I know, I don’t need it medically, so why should I think about using something my body doesn’t freaking need? And it doesn’t take a non-virgin to know that condoms are not as comfortable as they should be.

And hell, it all sounds so unsexy. Seriously, how would it heighten the moment to pause, roll on a condom, grab some extra lube since Señorita V can’t keep up against plastic dryness, and FINALLY have sex? And then you have to worry about breakage, or slippage, or if one of you might have a previously undiagnosed latex issue (I knew a guy with it once. Quite hilarious, as he was the campus creeper as well. Guess how he found out? LOLZZZ) or any of all that.

Contrast that to kissing, touching, saying whatever the hell it is couples say to eachother, hopefully good foreplay, and then just going forth and multiplying?

Now I just gotta work on my repsonses to people when they tell me all the BS about The Pill and Condoms.

Hey, if they want to give me unsolicited awkward as shit advice, I’ll be happy to give them a session of TMI. I suspect I’ll get extra points after I get married, because then I can let them know EXACTLY how I feel.

Muahahahhaahahahaha. This is going to be like that stupid prof who wanted to know why I had had to leave class for 5 minutes, and explaining “the bathroom” just wasn’t enough for her. Let’s just say Profe never asked about my bodily functions again.




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“Sex Workers” vs “Sex Slaves”

I am having some issues trying to upload my photos, so I promise this post will be short, and still visual.

First, a short comment. I am a student of language. I love language and all of its little rules. I have also been very cognizant of certain changes that tend to creep into language- changes that can be very good or very bad. For example, the move to characterize prostitutes as “sex slaves” rather than just plain prostitutes.

Why would that change be good? It shows that people are (or were) starting to understand that prostitution is rarely something a woman (or man) goes into by choice. It is often the result of kidnapping, coercion, violence, and horribly greedy people providing a “service” to people who are morally sick and confused.

Mr. Serrano has told me how that when he was younger, he was tempted to go to a brothel. There are tons of brothels in Mexico, and just like in many areas of the world, including the US, its often considered “normal” to go to a titty bar or brothel. There’s really not a ton of difference between the two, depending upon the laws of the country, and if those laws are even enforced. As he was on the same street of the brothel, he decided not to go. Why? He woke up when he saw 2 young children, barely 10 years old, a sister and brother- peddling their bodies. “They even seemed to like what they were doing- they were smiling…” The incidence unnerved him so much that thankfully he never sought out that sick “entertainment” again. All he could think of were his own siblings, safe at home and happily innocent of the darkness only a few miles away.

No one ever discusses how those prostitutes you see might have been forced into it when they were just little kids. So much for the talk show hosts and their “normal, happy, healthy” prostitutes. What, healthy in that they haven’t contracted AIDS or Syphillis- yet?

A rather disturbing trend I’ve seen, however, is that just as people were starting to use the more graphic, realistic, truthful term “sex slaves” rather than the term “prostitute”, those of the progressive/liberal end of the political spectrum started to use “sex workers”.

I noticed it on NPR, on many blogs, and recently into more mainstream sources of news. Suddenly it seems its not politically correct to say “sex slaves”.

I would agree its not completely correct to say prostitute. The definition of prostitute- one who has sex for money- is correct, however, it can be misleading. The conventional depiction of prostitutes is women, not girls, boys, or men, who use their sex to solicit money from men. They may or may not have a “pimp”, but a lot of them do have a “madam” and the stereotype is that they end up liking or at least tolerating their “job”. There’s little mention in popular culture how that prostitute started out, perhaps because its much easier to blame someone who in reality is a victim than to condemn the men who somehow just can’t control themselves.

It also does a great job of avoiding the fact that men are also prostitutes, and does an even better job at avoiding the whole “I’m only 11 and my mother is forcing me to have sex for money” bit.

No, much easier to believe that 18 year old is just a little small and skinny for her age, and she’s just trying to make some extra cash. Much easier to believe that they’re all just a bunch of home-wreckers, thereby taking the load of shame off of that wayward husband.

And so it goes with the term “sex worker” only now, because we are all so much more politically correct and enlightened, we’ve made sure that its gender neutral!

But…wait…worker? Isn’t work something you’re supposed to do voluntarily? You know, not slave work? You know, not trying to escape your country only to be sold to God knows where?

I wonder what all those guys and gals in Tokyo from the former Soviet Bloc think about their “work” and the homes they will never see again?

What does it matter, if they’re all just a bunch of “sex workers”. Maybe we should just organize so that they can receive better STD testing, better wages and working conditions? I guess that would be better than working towards eliminating an industry and a mindset that treats the human body as a commodity- with absolutely no regard for the psychological, soulful, person behind the vagina or butt or mouth or all of the above that is currently being used.

Nah, instead of calling it what it is, lets call it the gender inclusive sex worker. So much more sanitary than a slave….

This video is disgusting, but note the language and attitude. Also, its been noted that Planned Parenthood denounced this all as some convoluted attack on them…only to have to admit that they and their associates were in serious trouble with the law.

Stop pornography.

Stop contraception.

Stop abortion.

Stop prostitution of any kind.

Save the world from itself.

Our Lady of Guadeloupe, pray for us.

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The Power of Images

Right now there is a huge ongoing debate within the pro-life community concerning (warning)  “Graphic Images”. These images, which definitely qualify as graphic, usually show exactly what an abortion is. They show it in all of the blood, gore, and heartbreak that is abortion.

Basically, there are two camps, and as usual, I’m in neither of these camps. I will say I find it highly ridiculous, however, that “graphic” is only really applied to abortion in these times, but maybe that’s because showing the violence of Darfur has become too easy for us to ignore on this side of the television.

Camp 1: Graphic Images are tasteless, and induce guilt into the people who have had abortions. They’re often gory, and show things that no child should ever see, which would be likely if these are set up publicly. We have to use a softer method to fight abortion. Many people are already desensitized to violence, so why would they even care?

Camp 2: Graphic Images are disgusting! But so are the images of other horrible events during history. We must show these pictures so that people may wake up, and realize what it is that they’ve been supporting. People must realize that this is a real holocaust, and that it is attacking women and children- just like any other act of war.

Most don’t know this, but my Grandma often had pictures of fetal development and abortion up on her walls. I remember once that my mother asked that she remove them. I think my grandma once tried to explain them to me, but honestly I didn’t pay any attention as they were set up pretty high. Even if I had, I’m not sure how much affect they would have had on me- I literally have an absence of the fear of death, and while I can feel very sad for the people who have died, I’m horrified more by the fact of how they died rather than that they died.

To me, death is natural- but the ways to death are not always so.

I can sympathize with both camps- I agree that the pictures are tasteless, and often wielded by some of the more crazy flavors of people. But…I have to say that in the end, I support the right to show these pictures. Firstly because I’m a big fan of free speech, and secondly because I do think that some people, when confronted, will wake up and realize the horror of what they have supported for so long. Or at least I hope so.

But then I think of the people who were forced to go into the camps at places like Auschwitz and Dachau and bury the bodies of the many dead, and to see how Jews, Poles, and anyone who got on the wrong side of Hitler had starved. I remember the film I watched at one museum here in the US- the way so few of the Germans even seemed to care. I wish I could say that they were all just shocked, but honestly…ASH from the BODIES of these Jews and political prisoners had been raining on them with REGULARITY.

There weren’t any tears, in fact, I saw some glances that definitely had the haughty air of one caught doing something wrong who exclaims, “what of it?”

And then I think of Imaculeé’s book, where she and the other women she had been hiding with were brought out of the bathroom they had been hiding in at a pastor’s house. They were all starved, smelled horribly, and looked like ghosts. But there was still one of the pastor’s children who didn’t care- he still supported murdering Tutsis, even if (perhaps especially if?) he didn’t do it himself.

I wish I could say with certainty that I totally support these pictures because I know they work, but I don’t know if they do. I think the people they do work with have to be people who are open to the truth. Look at abortion “doctors”. They kill every single day, they literally get blood on their hands every single day, and they know the true development stages of a baby.

Yet they never stop. 30 abortions in one day is nothing to them. They see what they do, and yet they don’t.

They aren’t open to the truth- they have shut themselves out of it as neatly and tightly as possible. Because the second one entertains a truly free thought about what one is actually doing invites economic, political, and emotional disaster.

But I still support showing of “graphic images”. I don’t have nearly the same qualms about showing Holocaust pictures, or pictures of slaves, or of the Rwandan Genocide- abortion is just another holocaust. The only difference is that this time, its much quieter and much more intelligent.

You know, I had always asked myself what I would do if I had lived during WW2 or during slavery time. I’m still struggling with that. For now, I pray and write, and hope people stumble upon this. Hopefully someday I will counsel…

But this enemy is much worse than the Nazis. This enemy is the current frame of mind that people around the world are sharing, and its much harder to fight half-thought ideas and half-truths than it is to fight a bunch of brutes in stupid uniforms.

I believe we have to use whatever tools we have to break through that haze (and it is a haze) of rose-colored thoughts.

Oh, and for the few people who stumble upon this blog and feel the need to jump to retarded conclusions- um no. Not advocating terrorism here. The liberals do plenty enough of it to last quite a long while.



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